Lam See Chiew Memorial Scholarship in Social Entrepreneurship and Philanthropy

The Lam See Chiew Memorial Scholarship in Social Entrepreneurship and Philanthropy is open for consideration to all admitted candidates of the NUS MBA programme (full time or part time) and the Double Degree MBA Programmes. Candidates are appraised based on demonstrated active interest in social entrepreneurship, philanthrophy or non-profit sectors, or has worked for/ volunteered consistently in such social purpose organisations for at least 5 years. Other eligibility requirements include:

  • Demonstrate the need to improve knowledge of market-oriented practices so he/she can be more effective in subsequent social change pursuits.
  • Demonstrated evidence of personal qualities strongly resonating with social entrepreneurship, philanthropy and/or non-profit leadership, and illustrate how these have influenced their career paths.
  • Candidate has to commit active participation in the Asia Centre for Social Entrepreneurship and Philanthropy (ACSEP) in the following capacities:
    • Social entrepreneurship mentorship programme – while being mentored, one is also expected to mentor in turn the undergraduate students
    • Social media, events and other capacity building activities
    • Interfacing with the student and alumni network; assisting ACSEP in growing the network
    • If attending an ACSEP sponsored event/activity, to produce a written opinion piece
  • Maintaining good academic results, i.e., a minimum Cumulative Average Point (CAP) of 3.5
  • The successful candidate would be expected to remain fully engaged with the social entrepreneurship, philanthropy or non-profit sector post-graduation.
  • The scholarship is valued at S$6,000 and is tenable only for the Academic Year in which it is awarded

All applicable full-time/part time MBA candidates who have accepted the admission offer will be invited to submit their applications for the award. Candidates of the NUS Double Degree MBA programmes will only be able to utilise the award towards the NUS MBA tuition.

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