Bubble Soccer – When we had a ball of a time!

The following is contributed by Cheong Jia Ling, NUS MBA part-time student for the 2014 Intake.

When we first started our NUS MBA, I was known by name, Jae. Yet somehow after the Outward Bound School camp during the Orientation, I was given the nickname, Bubble by my wonderful MBA friends. When the semester first started, the boys met up for weekly soccer. I wondered what it’d take for the girls to be part of the sports activities. That’s when it struck: Bubble Soccer!

Bubble Soccer NUS MBA

So the boys of sports club and yours truly, the Bubble, got together, to organise the first ever Bubble Soccer.


Being a relatively new sport, it wasn’t surprising that no one had ever tried Bubble Soccer before. Even though most of us had spent the previous night stuffing ourselves silly with Korean chicken and booze, everyone still huddled together at U-town at 10am for a game – Bubble Soccer was too good to be missed!

Bubble Soccer NUS MBA1

So what exactly is bubble soccer? Soccer! Except that instead of typical soccer jersey uniforms, you get strapped onto a bubble suit. With in-built straps and handles, it’s surprisingly safe. Within minutes, everyone who managed to land their hands on a bubble suit were tumbling down the slope and bumping each other.

The two-hour session was short but memorable. One reason why I love my NUS MBA is because it’s when the best memories are created. So here’s how I sum up our experience that day: We (literally) had a ball of a time!

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5 Pointers for Great GMAT Prep

Gunning for the GMAT? In the first of a series aimed at helping those considering an MBA, the NUS MBA Blog has 5 Pointers for Great GMAT Prep to kick-start your preparation process:

A GMAT preparation guide 

It’s a rite of passage as well as a ticket to greatness for any potential MBA applicant: Registering on the GMAC, working through practice questions, counting down to test dates and MBA application deadlines, working through more practice questions…

Here’s the thing: The GMAT is not just a test of your knowledge — it is also a test of your mental and physical preparation. These 5 great reminders will put you in the right frame of mind to succeed:

1. Allow Lead Time

Booking, preparation, and retests take time. Booking early and allowing a generous buffer time ensures that things don’t get too tense as the MBA Application deadlines approach.

2. Set SMART Goals

You’ve heard it before: Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, Timely.

How many hours can you devote to practice per week?  Daily or weekly targets help to lock in consistent practice sessions. Which sections challenge you the most? You know yourself best, so identify the areas in which you need the most practice, and the study patterns that work best for you.

3. Prime Yourself; Time Yourself

Make use of the free GMATPrep Software from the GMAC to familiarise yourself with the computerised exam format.  Simulate exam conditions by timing your practice sessions. This will condition your mind to focus, improving your speed and time judgement.

4. Stick to Your Strategy

With many resources (official and unofficial) around, it may be tempting to get distracted, intimidated, or overwhelmed. Your task is to achieve your personal best in a way that works for you. Stay focused!

5. Know Your Top 5 Choices

On your test date, you can choose up to 5 GMAT programmes to send your score reports without additional fees. Arriving prepared with the names or GMAT codes of your top 5 MBA programmes will save you from the mental strain of last-minute decision-making, as well as the cost of forwarding GMAT scores later on.

You can find out about NUS MBA Programmes and their GMAT codes on our website, www.mba.nus.edu.sg.


Summary of 5 tips for GMAT prep


Have some insights to share on preparing for the GMAT? Feel free to add your comments below.