NUS MBA Welcome Lunch 09

nus mba orientation welcome lunch 2009

The NUS MBA Welcome lunch was held on 18th August to welcome existing batches, exchange students as well as the new batches to a new semester.

The NUS MBA Welcome lunch was organized by the MBA Programs Office on the 18th of August, 2009. The event took place at the Kent Ridge Guild house right next to the business school. An enormous structure adorned with beautiful water fountains, grand spiral staircases and soft, subtle decorations & layouts, the Kent Ridge Guild House is simply magnificent.

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Welcome Lunch- Jan ’09

nus mba welcome lunch

Jeeranan Wongwanich discusses the NUS MBA welcome lunch that marks the start of every semester.

The MBA welcome luncheon from the MBA Office at the beginning of the semester feels like a tradition to us now. Every semester, just as we are beginning to start school, paying our fees, downloading syllabus, figuring out books, bracing ourselves for the mayhem…a warm, friendly mail drops in from the MBA Office, inviting us to the welcome lunch. It’s like homecoming. Having said that, attending this event this time was nothing like it had been the first semester.

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Welcome lunch @ Kent Ridge Guild House

nus mba welcome lunch 2008

Shipra Gupta gives the lowdown on the NUS MBA Welcome Lunch for 2008.

Being a fresher at NUS-MBA is a lot of fun. Well at least till the actual studies begin. After which no one gets time to breathe..let alone blog! And taking that as an excuse for the delay in this post, without further digression, I get back to the point….the before-studies fun part of MBA 1st year. Its true, the freshers batch gets so many different welcome parties that after a while you start feeling like the whole of Singapore [or at least NUS ] was living in the hope of welcoming you one day. Which is of course great; it flatters your vanity to no end and you feel all pumped to take on the curriculum. [Until classes begin and you along with your vanity fall face down..but I digress again, that story comes later…]

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Welcome Lunch @ Kent Ridge Guild House (an ice-breaker)

Welcome Lunch held on 29th August 2007 was a great opportunity for students, the faculty and the management to get together. 

This is my first blog here and I want a theme for it. Or even better – two themes and a link between the two. So, here we go!

My first theme is “food”. There are two types of “food” in this world. ‘Food for thought’ is one and then comes something more important ‘Food for hunger’. But we live in a hybrid world and what can be better than a hybrid of the two “food” types. This was exactly what happened on 29th August when we had the ‘Welcome Lunch’ @ Kent Ridge Guild House.

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