Student helping student…

When full-time MBA student Sindhura went to Cambodia for volunteer work with Room to Read, she brought a video with our stories and encouragement for the children.

Part 1 – Singapore

“How about visiting Cambodia during recess break? We’ve always wanted to visit Angkor Wat”, is what my husband said to me in early January. I was surprised to hear of vacation plans, because we had made plans twice the previous year and had to cancel in the last minute due to his work schedule. As a result of these experiences, I was arranging to spend the recess break in Laos volunteering for Room To Read (RTR), a non-profit organization I had been volunteering with since moving to Singapore.

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My winter vacation – Trip to Surabaya

Fumiyuki Kosugi talks about a trip to Surabaya, Indonesia during the NUS MBA vacation break, with a friendly MBA classmate playing host.

December is the winter vacations for NUS MBA students. Most of them go back to their home countries while some students stay in Singapore for their internship. For me, I traveled around three Southeast Asia countries – Malaysia (Kuala Lumpur), Indonesia (Jakarta and Surabaya) and Philippines (Manila).

I really enjoyed every one of my trips. However, of  all the trips, Surabaya (Indonesia’s second-largest city) was the most memorable one. Melinda, my classmate from the same intake, comes from Surabaya. She kindly showed me around her hometown during my stay.

I took a lot of pictures there and will show you some of them.

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Winter Break Escapades

NUS MBA winter break
Ultimate relaxation – Students made use of the break to travel and catch up with family & friends

How do NUS MBA students spend the winter break? Student blogger Carissa Caparas has the lowdown on their holiday plans.

When I first learned about the specifics of the MBA program’s schedule, I was surprised (more pleasantly than anything else) to find a “winter break” between the first and second semesters of the first year. I mean, who doesn’t love holidays, right? And so, December 2011 came, that time when the seniors “graduated” and the first-years were fresh off a rollercoaster-of-a-first-semester experience. We found ourselves enjoying this assignment-free period (well almost, 100%-free..) Anyway, so what were we up to during this time? Where, how did we spend these precious days? Let us count the ways.

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