The NUS MBA in 3 Words

Anshuman is an NUS MBA Alumnus from the Class of 2008. In this write-up, he shares with us his primary learnings from this MBA program.

About Me: I am currently a Marketing Manager at Emerson Process Management. I started here in Jan 2008 as Sales & Operations Planning Manager for Asia Pacific. In Jan this year, I moved to my current role.

I often wonder if an MBA is required? What value does an MBA bring to you? I have been pondering over this question since 2005 when I was toying with the idea of writing GMAT. Then TOEFL happened to me! One by one, many things happened and before I could realize, I was out of NUS Business School with an MBA and all set to start the second innings of my professional career. Let’s see if the marginal benefit of having an MBA is worth the time, effort, money and lost opportunity of staying out of workforce for 2 years! My lessons from NUS MBA can be summarized in 3 simple words: Preparation, Decision and Communication.

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Life after NUS – Three Golden Lessons

Suraj is currently working with Vestas in their Global Graduate Program. It’s a 2 yr program comprising 3 rotations of 8 months each across 3 countries. He started in Barcelona with a training camp for 2 weeks. Currently, he is working in Chennai in Business process Improvement within the Technology R&D Business Unit.

How did this MBA change his professional life? Suraj reflects…

When I was in school, I always wondered how life would be in a company after my MBA. How would all the lessons I learnt during MBA (and the ones I didn’t learn) impact my work-life?? It has now been 4 months since I started working in Vestas**. My questions have been answered in the form of 3 golden lessons. These are the lessons I would like to leave you with.

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Those were the days…

“Those were the days my friend we thought they’d never end”…. Kuruvilla takes a nostalgic look back at 2 semesters in NUS.

The starting lines of the chorus from the 1960s hit single ‘Those were the days’ pretty much encompass the mood as I look back at the last semester

I ended my last post at the end of the first semester with the hope of either picking a new language or a sport. Since then, quite frankly, I have done neither. The ‘supposedly relaxed 2nd semester’ was nothing like what it had been made out to be. This blog would try to cover the key hangouts of the 2nd semester and other aspects of our MBA existence.

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