Spotlight: The MBA in Healthcare Management

How does an MBA in Healthcare Management benefit a health administrator? Lim Hong Yee, a pharmacist by training, has been in the healthcare industry for 13 years. In this post, she shares her MBA story, and even how she got her company to sponsor her MBA with a scholarship.

Why Healthcare MBA

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The Business of Procrastination!

NUS MBA students chinese new year

Saiveer Joneja discusses the challenge of time management during an activity-packed semester at NUS Business School.

“The two rules of procrastination: 1) Do it today. 2) Tomorrow will be today tomorrow.” It seems rather oxymoronic to have ‘procrastination’ and Business school in the same sentence, let alone so close to each other. But I have always found myself weirdly attracted to this word – “procrastination”. Many hours of many days have been spent pondering over the beauty of a word that can sound so complex for such a simple demand on action – nothingness! Remarkable!

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Steve Jung,胡子很酷的韩国好男人。以前在钢铁公司工作,但是走温柔路线,为人和气,尤其尊重老婆。很浪漫的一个人,求婚的时候自己弹钢琴唱歌。话说男人要学的东西越来越多了……

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Flying Without Wings!!!

Singapore Night Festival

Student blogger Saiveer Joneja discusses his workload for the week, and why being in business school is like making coffee.

It’s 1.45AM Sunday morning… correction Saturday night (the illusion feels a lot more reassuring than accepting the prospect of it being a new day!), sitting in a cab getting back from the Singapore Night Festival (a couple of buildings in downtown Singapore lighted up with modern laser lights and some musical street performances) when all of a suddenly the radio starts playing – ‘Flying Without Wings’!!!

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シンガポールへ留学する3つの理由 (3 Reasons to Study in Singapore)

こんにちは。2012 intake(2012夏入学~2013冬卒業予定)の高橋正名と申します。シンガポールってどうなの!?NUSってどうなの!?と考えている方に向けて、現地からリポートをお送りしたいと思います。


1. Diversity – 多様性


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