The NUS MBA Club Retreat

NUS MBA club retreat 2007

The NUS MBA Club Retreat 2007 was held at the National Community Leadership Institute (NACLI) in May 2007.

NUS Business School MBA Club representatives and council members took a day off from their busy schedules and decided to meet at National Community Leadership Institute (NACLI). It was an overnight stay where several brainstorming sessions were planned for and the next morning was reserved for the team building exercise under the guidance of a trainer. We all met at NACLI at around 6:30 PM on Saturday and checked into our rooms where we exchanged quick words with other people and then came to the meeting room. The brainstorming session, which touched up on various topics related to NUS Business School, started around 7:30 PM and we covered quite some ground before we split for dinner at around 9 PM.

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A new beginning…

Aarti Bhatia talks about the NUS MBA Club elections and celebrating Holi in school. 

Saturday 4th March marked a new beginning of sorts in NUS Business School. Two events were lined up for the day – NUS MBA Face-Off and Holi Celebration. Holi is one of most auspicious day for Hindus and the festival marks the beginning of spring. We, at NUS Business School, celebrate every festival with great enthusiasm and participation. This one was no different. Everything, from food to colors, was authentic and the organizers did a good job of re-creating the festive atmosphere in school.

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Diwali – The NUS style

diwali nus mba

Date: Friday, 20th October
Venue: NUS Business School

It was a happening day at the business school. The day began with classes for few unlucky ones, and a lazy morning for lucky others. At around 12, almost everyone was in the college exchanging Diwali wishes. The MBA club had planned a great cultural fest for the evening, which included dinner serving Indian food. For many like me, I’ve already spoiled the surprise of the best part of the day, but wait! There was a lot of fun before that as well.

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Tiger Brewery Company Tour

nus mba students at tiger brewery 2006

The MBA office sponsored a trip to “Tiger Brewery” (Asia Pacific Brewery) on 29 September 2006. At the Tiger Tavern, beer appreciation and photo opportunities ensued.

When Zann, our NUS MBA Student Development manager, emailed us about the MBA office sponsored tour to the “Tiger Brewery” (Asia Pacific Brewery), it took just 3 hours for the spots to fill up. That must be some kind of record; but, I guess it was to be expected with an itinerary that promised a (free) beer appreciation session at the Tiger Tavern. And so, on the morning of September 29th, the excitement was palpable. We gathered outside BIZ1 and set off in a bus to APB. We got there, got our visitor tags and got set for the tour. Some of us, who were dressed up for a tête-à-tête with the CEO, were slightly disappointed when Ms Sze Yi, a friendly tour guide, stepped out to greet us instead. But the promise of free beer kept our spirits up and off we went!

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