Red Yellow and Green: NUS MBA Freshers Party 2009

nus mba orientation 2009

The NUS MBA Freshers Party was a fun-filled night at the University Cultural Centre (UCC) to welcome the new batch of students on 21st August 2009.

Red, Yellow, and Green were the colours of the day, and what seemed like a quirky dress code for a party turned out to be a great conversation starter. For these colours were laced with sinister meanings, ‘available’, ‘taken, keep away’ and the most amusing of them all ‘complicated’!! The event: Fresher’s Party organized by the Student Activities Club at the University Cultural Centre (UCC) on 21st August. It was one of the first fun events organized by the Students’ Council to welcome the new batch of 2009, and what a party it was!

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NUS MBA Orientation – Outward Bound Singapore

nus mba orientation 2009 obs

The NUS MBA Orientation 2009 was held over 2 days at Outward Bound School, Pulau Ubin.

It is all too well known that team building exercises are the best way to break ice and to get people to know each other in an informal setup. It is no surprise hence that the teams that work together accomplishing so many tasks during such outbound trips, end up becoming very close knit groups. This is the reason I love outbound trips; they let me make new friends; and fast. The NUS outbound trip to Pulau Ubin was no exception. In fact, this trip taught me a few lessons that make me cherish this experience even more.

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MBA Fried Noodles & Student Diversity

Visiting University of South Carolina student Adrian Rusu talks about student diversity, in the context of an NUS MBA-style barbeque organised by the MBA Student Council.

Typical Singapore evening, temperature between 25C and 29C, clear sky and relaxed Sunday evening feel; this is how the BBQ party started. Ten, fifteen, twenty-five and before we knew it, more than 40 people showed up. One could only try to count all the nationalities that were represented at the party, covering most Asian regions, part of Europe, but North and South America as well. This is the type of diversity that a visiting student finds at NUS.

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Chinese New Year – Reliving Memories


NUS MBA student Gao Xiang relives the  moments from his second Chinese New Year festival with the MBA cohort at NUS.

Big orange & red crackers and golden fishes.. my second Chinese New Year in NUS started with a prosperous omen. I didn’t feel lonely, even thousands of miles away from home. Sharing the happiness of 2009 Chinese New Year with the MBA cohorts made me feel at home.

I was amazed by the exciting shows prepared by MBA and IMBA students. It was very refreshing to see a lot of overseas Chinese friends also participated in organizing the celebrations. Karla from Philippines, Esti from Indonesia, Claire from Singapore and Hnin from Myanmar: not only girls from China, but also from many other regions, all dressed in Chinese traditional costumes, making the celebration colorful and shining. Thanks for the excellent shows from many exchange students from Zhejiang University and Xi’an Jiaotong University. Their performance and versatility radiated the whole venue. Some beautiful song performances by members of my junior batch added to the ambience.

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Diwali- Prosperity & Goodluck

Diwali in singapore

Jaiman Shah reports on a memorable Festival of Lights celebration for Diwali in Singapore. 

After two regular annual events – International Day and Oktoberfest, it was Diwali which brought out the regional flavour in the NUS MBA program.

Diwali is the Indian festival of lights celebrated to mark the beginning of Hindu New Year. For Indians, it was a feeling of home away from home while for we introduced our culture to our batch mates. So much so that, Karla, our friend from Philippines, turned up in a red-n-black saree to celebrate Diwali in the authentic Indian style.

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