Of High Walls and Handy Life Jackets

Nearly 200 students kickstarted their semester with an adventure-charged NUS MBA orientation held at Outward Bound School on the island of Pulau Ubin.

It’s almost two months now from when we officially started our NUS MBA journey.   Looking back at the numerous events during orientation week, I think fondly of the 2 days spent in Outward Bound Singapore.

Early morning of August 1 found two buses-full of NUS MBAs en route to Pulau Ubin, an island off the northeastern part of Singapore.   It felt like going to summer camp. (In the end, all that was missing was a bonfire! 😛 ) You can feel the excitement (interspersed with a dose of concern maybe, with some—including me—wondering how physically intensive the activities would be!)

nus mba orientation 2011
Sunny orange undoubtedly reigned.
nus mba orientation 2011
Resounding laughter was the order of the day.

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Futsal Fury 2010

NUS MBA student Adam James Reinhardt blogs about the highly-anticipated 2nd annual NUS Fustal Frenzy tournament. 

nus futsal frenzy 2010

Not even driving rain could curb the enthusiasm of the more than 100 participants who came to NUS for the 2nd Annual Futsal Frenzy tournament on 10 April 2010. Twelve teams signed up for the tournament, which featured small-sided soccer games played on the Sports and Recreation Center’s Handball courts. Corporate teams from NTUC Income, Société Général, Panasonic Semiconductors and People’s Association joined student teams from the Marketing Institute of Singapore, the Nanyang MBA, and the NUS MBA to raise money for the Kids Inclusive Club of the Singapore Disability Sports Council. Two NUS undergraduate teams and one NUS faculty team also joined in the fun. In the end, the teams contributed a total of S$ 2,156 for charity!

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nus mba student activities paintball

What MBA student activities demand quick decision-making, intense teamwork and thorough execution? With paintball, NUS students started the new year with a bang!

Last January 31, 2010, twenty eight NUS MBA students participated in a school-sponsored activity that demanded quick decision-making, intense teamwork and thorough execution. No, it was not your usual business case competition or career services workshop, it was something, let’s say, more life threatening. It was Paintball – a game where teams would shoot down targets (and of course, each other) with dye-filled gelatinous bullets known as paintballs.

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A Borderless Night: International day @ NUS

nus mba exchange international day

Preeti Adhikary, an NUS MBA exchange student from Vancouver, shares her experience about International Day 2009.

Why do people come to Singapore on exchange? To travel, to learn about Asian cultures and to escape the cold are all logical answers. My reason is a bit personal and different. As an Asian who had spent many years in North America, I needed to reacquaint myself with Asia and Singapore seemed like the perfect location. However, charting unfamiliar territory is not always fun. Coming to a classroom full of strangers and sitting alone at lunch are not the experiences I had envisioned. After juggling mixed feelings and undergoing withdrawal symptoms, I finally decided to try to mingle and attend a social event. In hindsight, I realize this decision was the turning point of my exchange experience. As corny as it sounds, I feel at home at NUS now.

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