Red Yellow and Green: NUS MBA Freshers Party 2009

nus mba orientation 2009

The NUS MBA Freshers Party was a fun-filled night at the University Cultural Centre (UCC) to welcome the new batch of students on 21st August 2009.

Red, Yellow, and Green were the colours of the day, and what seemed like a quirky dress code for a party turned out to be a great conversation starter. For these colours were laced with sinister meanings, ‘available’, ‘taken, keep away’ and the most amusing of them all ‘complicated’!! The event: Fresher’s Party organized by the Student Activities Club at the University Cultural Centre (UCC) on 21st August. It was one of the first fun events organized by the Students’ Council to welcome the new batch of 2009, and what a party it was!

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Freshers Party – Hawaiian bash

nus mba student activities freshers party 2008

A Hawaiian bash? The NUS MBA Freshers Party 2008 was a fun-filled start to the new semester.

New place, new people, new teachers, new classmates, new food, new time zone…homesickness, loneliness and for a lot of people, new subjects as well…the seniors remembered their days well and knew what it was like at the start of the first semester. To make their juniors’ feel a bit more at home and give them their first official party at NUS, the seniors decided to host a Freshers’ evening for the MBA batch of 2010, another first from the ever innovative batch of 2009.

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