NUS & KPMG – Battle on Cricket Grounds

Surya reports on a cricket friendly between the NUS MBA team and KPMG at the Ceylon Sports Club.
As I passed through the Ceylon sports club near the Farrer Park MRT about a month back, I wondered if I would get to play on that lovely ground.

This small dream of mine came true quickly when I heard that the NUS MBA team was going to play a friendly cricket match against KPMG at the very same venue. I was also excited because of my extreme love and passion for the game of cricket and felt it could prove to be an exclusive opportunity to catch up with some folks from KPMG to find out more about their operations and work culture in Singapore.

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MBA Table Tennis Tournament

Arthur Leung reports on the results of the NUS MBA Sports Club’s Table Tennis Tournament 2009.
The NUS MBA Sports Club continues to provide great sporting events, this time by holding the MBA Table Tennis tournament on Sunday, October 18th. The event had a great turnout as more than 20 students from both the first and second year came together to interact and compete in good spirit.

It was very exciting to see the high level of play throughout the tournament. The action was intense as our MBA cohort has highly skilled players competing in each of the categories: men’s singles and doubles, women’s singles and doubles, and mixed doubles. In the end, the winners came out and took their well deserved spots on top of the winners’ podium.

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MBA Badminton Tournament 2009

NUS MBA badminton 2009

NUS MBA Badminton Tournament 2009 was held on 6th September, 9 am to 1 pm @ MPSH 5.

Sports have always been an integral part of NUS Campus life, and a way for students across batches to interact. Badminton is a game which most of us would have played as either a serious sport or for fun. The MBA Badminton Tournament 2009 organised on 6th September was a creative way of getting students from different batches to come interact away from academics and bond. It was first such event for the students from the new batch.

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Futsal Fury 2009

Jointly organised by NUS MBA Social Impact and Sports Clubs, Futsal Fury 2009 saw teams from INSEAD and GE as finalists in a fundraising futsal match.

It was a crisp “Valentine’s Day” Saturday morning on February 14, 2009; but for the team of NUS MBA Social Impact Club, it was more than just Valentine’s day – it was a day when the club was going to host an event that would make a difference in some people’s lives. This event was a fund-raiser for a local Singapore hospital that serves patients suffering from HIV/AIDS.

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Golfing the ‘N’ factor – No Way!!

Sushant Sharma blogs about a day at Queenstown Golf Driving Range with the NUS MBA Golf Club.

“You should play it to be in the right circle!!”
“You should play it for Networking!!”

I was sick and tired of listening to these phrases, so I decided to break this ice between me and golf. On a lazy Saturday afternoon when all the assignments, project and cases were due, I decided to join our Golf Club Team initiated by Anurodh, to try my hands with the Clubs.

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