Futsal Fury 2009

Jointly organised by NUS MBA Social Impact and Sports Clubs, Futsal Fury 2009 saw teams from INSEAD and GE as finalists in a fundraising futsal match.

It was a crisp “Valentine’s Day” Saturday morning on February 14, 2009; but for the team of NUS MBA Social Impact Club, it was more than just Valentine’s day – it was a day when the club was going to host an event that would make a difference in some people’s lives. This event was a fund-raiser for a local Singapore hospital that serves patients suffering from HIV/AIDS.

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Willow Weekend

Captain of the NUS MBA Cricket Team Ankur Bansal shares the highlights of the Cricket tournament against NUS School of Science and NTU. 

Sports fever just can’t subside in NUS Business School. Sports have always proved to be a stress-buster in this increasingly monotonous academic environment. We just concluded a Cricket Tournament which was not only exhilarating, but also tested the skills of the players.

NUS MBA organized and sponsored a Cricket tournament with three teams participating in the same. The three teams were from NUS MBA, NUS School of Science and NTU. The tournament kicked off with the first match being between the two NUS teams. The excitement was palpable as each one of us was determined to do their best on the field. The MBA team lost the toss and was put in to bat. The innings started on a bad note with wickets tumbling along with a dearth of runs. Some respectability to the score was restored by a breezy partnership between Ankur Bansal and Sanjay Rao. The team set a target of 94 runs in just 16 overs for opponents.

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Golfing the ‘N’ factor – No Way!!

Sushant Sharma blogs about a day at Queenstown Golf Driving Range with the NUS MBA Golf Club.

“You should play it to be in the right circle!!”
“You should play it for Networking!!”

I was sick and tired of listening to these phrases, so I decided to break this ice between me and golf. On a lazy Saturday afternoon when all the assignments, project and cases were due, I decided to join our Golf Club Team initiated by Anurodh, to try my hands with the Clubs.

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Dean’s Cup

nus mba dean's cup 2006

NUS MBA Football Team played in the Dean’s Cup on 22 September 2006 at the MPF, NUS Campus.

Sport has been the lifeline of student groups at all levels. It not only revitalizes the spirit, but also helps one to escape from the routine assignments. We at NUS Business School had a similar experience in the form of Dean’s Football Cup. It was held on 22nd September at the Multi-purpose Field on campus with a total of 4 teams competing for the trophy. There were 2 teams from the undergrads and a similar number from the graduate level.

School provided T-shirts and refreshments for all participants. It was a unique experience to play with new and fellow students and perform optimally as a team.

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