Cerebration 2013: Bigger, Better and Bolder!

As an organizing committee member of one of the largest student-run MBA Case competitions happening on November 13-14, you might be wondering why am I writing this blog post when I should be busy finalising event details.

I felt the need to update you all and give you a peek into all the hype about Cerebration 2013. For those of you who still don’t know what Cerebration is (is there anyone who still doesn’t know?), Cerebration is the largest student-run MBA case competition organised by MBA students of NUS Business School. MBA student teams from all over the world compete to solve challenging business cases submitted by world leading organizations. After two qualifying rounds, top nine semi-finalist teams are flown to Singapore (with all-paid expenses). One winner is selected from top three final teams by judges and awarded SGD $10,000.

So, what is so special about this year’s Cerebration?

First off, we have a very impressive line-up of events mixed with networking opportunities for the participating teams with top executives of sponsor companies, the School’s faculty and students. For the semi-finals (to be held on Nov 13th) and finals (to be held on Nov 14th), nine teams selected across each of the three cases of the competition are being flown into Singapore.

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Spotlight: Family Business Management

What’s the value of an MBA for family business management? In this post, Harry Santoso shares why he decided it was time to get an MBA, how he got his family board to see the value in this decision, how he’s been managing his time, and what he’s learned so far.

Family Business MBA Story

Harry, could you share about your family business & background?

My family is in the scrap metal trading (Examples of commodities that we deal with include aluminium scrap, copper scrap, stainless steel scrap, etc) and aluminium ingot manufacturing business. Our main export markets are Asian countries (e.g. China, India, Japan, Middle East, South Korea).

After I completed my undergraduate studies in accounting and finance, I immediately joined the family business. Since it was a family business, some job functions were customized and there is sometimes no clear-cut separation of duties. I was more involved in the general management, logistic planning, and marketing, because those three responsibilities are the core of the business. As the job functions imply, it involves frequent travel, overtime, and dealing with various kind of people, from warehouse staff right up to government officials or top management. While technical accounting and finance skills were useful to evaluate reports, certain soft-skills, such as influence, negotiation, communication, effective wielding of authority are very important too.

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Which MBA to Choose? Simplify Your Decision-Making With this Tip

How do you decide which MBA programme is right for you? In the second in a series aimed at helping those considering an MBA, the NUS MBA Blog has a radical idea to inspire your MBA research and decision-making process.

Evaluating MBA Options


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Spotlight: The MBA in Healthcare Management

How does an MBA in Healthcare Management benefit a health administrator? Lim Hong Yee, a pharmacist by training, has been in the healthcare industry for 13 years. In this post, she shares her MBA story, and even how she got her company to sponsor her MBA with a scholarship.

Why Healthcare MBA

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NUS MBA Blogをご覧の皆様、はじめまして2011年度に入学した小杉史生と申します。このNUS MBA Blogは通常は英語で書かれていますが、私ともう一人同じく今年度入学した毛利初夏さんの二人で交代で、定期的に日本語でも記事を発信することになりました。





1. アジア経済のハブ


NUS MBA Full Time Students, Class of 2012



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