Part-Time MBA Alumnus Celena Yew shares her student experience with Anuprita Bhomick

Alumnus Celena Yew talks about juggling work and studies for a part-time MBA, skill-sets she honed in the programme, and her Singapore experience.

“If I ever started my own company, Celena Yew is someone I would hire in a heartbeat. Incredible work ethics, single-minded focus and a very sharp, analytical mind combined with a humility that is so hard to see in today’s world. She is one of the best gifts that the NUS MBA experience has given me. I have been lucky to have Celena as a group member in almost every one of the classes we took together during our MBA and we’ve cemented a friendship that comes along once in a lifetime. During her recent visit to Singapore, I spent some time talking to her about her MBA experience and her life beyond the classroom. Celena now lives near Los Angeles, with her husband Henry (who she met at the NUS MBA) and their lovely daughter, Erika” – Anuprita Bhomick

AB: What made you pick NUS MBA?
CY: Reputation of the school, location (in Asia), reasonable tuition fees and availability of a part-time program that enabled me to work and study at the same time.

AB: Reflections on who you were prior to MBA?

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