Top 5 Reasons you should get an NUS MBA

The following are reflections by Maria Patricia Villar, an expected graduate of NUS MBA.

Finals are over. From here on, I may no longer see the face of graded homework and group projects. There may be less of the formal networking events to prepare small talk topics for. GPA will no longer dictate my “future”, and the sting from the mistakes I made in the Accounting mid-terms will feel less painful.  Hooray for that! …Or maybe not. Because instead of these, what I must now face is the more cruel reality of work and projects on which my family’s living will be based upon, more crucial conversations on which depend millions of dollars in sales or losses, and mistakes that may lead to getting fired. Clearly, MBA is merely a means to an end. Looking back with fresh eyes, let me share some reflections on the benefits I gained from taking my MBA in NUS, and hence the reasons why one should consider taking it as well:

NUS MBA Orientation

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5 Tips for Making the Most of Your Part-time MBA

5 tips for those of you considering a part-time MBA

For the benefit of those contemplating a part-time MBA, we’ve rounded up 5 Tips for “Making the Most of Your Part-Time MBA”.  Read on for the insights shared by part-time NUS MBA candidates Luke Goh,  Celena Yew, and Nipun Deora .

Communicate your plans early

Tell supervising managers about your plans so that arrangements can be made, advises NUS part-time student Luke Goh. This helps to avoid misunderstandings about your commitment to your work, and allows you sufficient time to negotiate your work arrangements if you need to plan your schedules and working hours around class. Continue reading

Featured Interview: A part-time path to achieving academic and career goals

To fulfill her career goals, Filipino expatriate Nerissa Camposano decided to pursue a part-time MBA programme at NUS Business School. She felt that would sharpen her skills in finance while applying what she has learnt to her work, and fast-track her career without losing touch with the corporate world. As she is self-financing her studies, the economic cost of a part-time programme would be easier to manage, she says. Ms Camposano also appreciates the support of her husband and colleagues, which she says is important.


Nerissa Camposano
Part-time MBA Student

Tell us about yourself and your interests.

Prior to my part-time MBA, I worked in an international bank in London for three years. I was responsible for managing the credit risks of a portfolio of project finance and structured finance transactions. I have always wanted to move back to Asia, so I seized an opportunity to move to the risk team of a project and asset-backed finance company in Singapore. My company aims to act as a catalyst for Singaporean companies in the infrastructure and offshore marine sectors that are looking to expand internationally. It feels great to be part of achieving this overall purpose.

I love to travel. I lived in the Philippines and Indonesia when I was young and caught the bug early on. I tried to make the most out of my stay in Europe by travelling to a lot of cities in and around the continent. One of my most memorable experiences was getting to see the northern lights in Iceland. My next project is to travel around Asia with my husband. I also love to read and indulge in television-series marathons whenever I have free time. Continue reading

Transiting into life as a Part-time MBA

Luke Goh explains his decision to take up a part-time MBA and shares tips on transitioning into life as an MBA candidate.

This year’s part-time MBA programme recorded one of the largest student intakes, both in student population and proportion in relation with full time intake, and I am proud be part of this history making cohort. With the economy making incremental recovery since the last recession in 2008, it is no surprise that many people – like myself, have decided to hold onto our jobs while pursuing our MBA dream. In fact I am glad that at NUS MBA programme, we have the liberty to choose between doing a Part-time and a Full-time programme. It offers potential candidates the opportunity to tailor make the programme to the amount of time they can commitment.

However, the decision between a Part-time and a Full-time programme is not one without careful considerations. After all, most of us would probably be only doing our MBA once in our lifetime, thus want to maximise our investment. Prior to my decision to take up the Part-time MBA offer at NUS, I have thought of several implications on doing the MBA as a Part-time student. I would often question myself on things I would miss out on if I were to pursue the Part-time track. Am I able to juggle my work commitment, social life and student life all at the same time? Would I lose out on the chance to network with other students?

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Say a word… Flexibility it is!

Student blogger Nipun Deora shares her perspectives on life as a part-time MBA, and why she appreciates the flexibility the part-time programme at NUS gives.

“What is the first word that comes to your mind if I say waves?” asked my friend, breaking the silence, sitting next to me on the East Coast Beach in Singapore. We had been cycling on the beautiful 10 km long path along the coast for 2 hours. Physically exhausted and mentally rejuvenated, we sat on the sand for some time and enjoyed the cool dusk breeze. It has been a month since I started my part-time MBA in NUS and since we both had a chance to spend time (“Quality time” as she puts it) together. “Energy” I replied to her question. “what if I say sea?” she continued. “Hmm… Adventure” I replied. Well, it went on for 6-7 questions till she asked “how about your NUS part-time MBA?” “Flexibility” I replied – almost effortlessly and unknowingly.  She was curious to know why I said so for NUS MBA, which made me think and appreciate the flexibility the part-time MBA program at NUS offers.

“Here is why I think so:

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