Top 5 Reasons you should get an NUS MBA

The following are reflections by Maria Patricia Villar, an expected graduate of NUS MBA.

Finals are over. From here on, I may no longer see the face of graded homework and group projects. There may be less of the formal networking events to prepare small talk topics for. GPA will no longer dictate my “future”, and the sting from the mistakes I made in the Accounting mid-terms will feel less painful.  Hooray for that! …Or maybe not. Because instead of these, what I must now face is the more cruel reality of work and projects on which my family’s living will be based upon, more crucial conversations on which depend millions of dollars in sales or losses, and mistakes that may lead to getting fired. Clearly, MBA is merely a means to an end. Looking back with fresh eyes, let me share some reflections on the benefits I gained from taking my MBA in NUS, and hence the reasons why one should consider taking it as well:

NUS MBA Orientation

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NUS MBA shines at the Inaugural MBA World Summit

Our MBA students represent NUS Business School in conferences and summits around the world. The following is a guest post from Ankit Talwar, one of select group of 60 students chosen from over 2500 MBAs across the world for the first MBA World Summit 2014.

Inspiring leadership

It was almost a year ago that a handful of NUS MBA students (proud to say, the only ones from the top five business schools in Singapore!) were invited for a special session to kick-start the planning for the very first ‘MBA World Summit’. This summit is an international forum for high-impact exchanges between a select group of top-tier MBA students from business schools worldwide. In it’s very first year of 2014, only 60 MBAs inspiring leadership were chosen from over 2500 MBA applicants from top schools globally – and we were among them!

The NUS team for the 2014 summit: Ankit Talwar, Vishal Vinod Bhatia, Akshay Bajpaee, Aalok Lalvani and Geemyung Moon

The NUS Team for MBA World Summit 2014: (R-L) Aalok Lalvani, Akshay Bajpee, Geemyung Moon, Vishal Bhatia, Ankit Talwar

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The buzz word "Networking"

NUS MBA NetworkingPart-time MBA student Kat Neo discusses the MBA networking events at NUS, and a little secret to being natural in your networking.

In the MBA school, the buzz word is “networking”. Everyone knows that networking is important and hopes to have heaps of opportunities to network. There are various avenues for networking. Social networking is what we are mostly familiar with, through platforms such as Facebook and Google+. LinkedIn is another social network platform but is more catered for business and professional networking. And obviously, most of the NUS MBA students are now connected through a common Facebook Group – NUS MBA Intake 2011 (closed group).

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Alumni Reunion @ Bellini

The MBA Alumni Reunion 2007 was a great opportunity for current students to get to know their seniors and alumni amidst a light dinner at Bellini.

The much awaited event of them all, the MBA Alumni Reunion was finally here!! The first networking session of 2007 was held at one of the most happening places in Singapore — St. James Power Station! It was a great opportunity for current students to get to know their seniors and Alumni amidst a light dinner at Bellini. Some came with current colleagues, others contacted friends ahead of time and still others were pleasantly surprised to find old friends there. Everyone made new contacts as they exchanged stories about their current jobs and interests. To a certain extent, the alumni also got a chance to relive good old times, those college days, for one evening!

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Networking Event

On 28 September 2006 students and company representatives from multiple sectors mingled at an NUS MBA networking session at Chijmes Hall, Singapore.

On a bright Thursday noon, the MBA cohort gathered in the Chijmes Hall on the famous Victoria Street in Singapore. The occasion was the much awaited “Networking Nite” with representatives of various companies from all around the world. It was an occasion to dress, talk about yourself and impress your future employers. More than 30 companies were present during the event and nearly 50 MBA students and many more BBA students were there to interact with the professionals from these companies. The event was jointly organized by MBA and BBA Career Services Offices.

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