Full-time MBA student Cedric Tombeur from Belgium talks about why he choose The NUS MBA, and about his experiences as a student.

nus mba interview
Cedric Tombeur, Belgian
Full-time MBA student, Class of 2012

Name: Cédric Tombeur

Nationality: Belgian

Age: 30

Education: Master (MSc) and Bachelor of Economics (BA), University of Namur, Belgium (2004)

Work experience prior to The NUS MBA: Senior Consultant, Deloitte Consulting, Belgium

Why did you choose The NUS MBA?

After five years of formative professional development with Deloitte Consulting, I felt it was the right time for me to take the next step in my career, and I knew that an MBA was the best way to achieve my objectives.

When it comes to pursuing an MBA, most will opt for the United States or Europe. However, with my ambition to become a global business leader, I couldn’t simply ignore the rapidly growing importance of Asia in the global economy. An in-depth understanding of the historical, social, political and economic factors that have driven the re-emergence of Asia is essential knowledge for the leaders of tomorrow.

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Full-time student Pierre-Yves Riou from France talks about why he choose The NUS MBA, and about his experiences as a student.

Pierre-Yves Riou (French)
Full-time MBA student, Class of 2013

Name: Pierre-Yves Riou

Nationality: French

Age: 33

Education: Master of Electrical Engineering, Institut Supérieur d’Electronique de Paris (ISEP), France (2003)

Work experience prior to the NUS MBA: Consultant, Capgemini Telecom & Media, France, 7+ years of experience in launching innovative mobile services.

Why did you choose The NUS MBA?

I definitely wanted to pursue my MBA in Asia, to feel the pulse of this emerging region. Besides its top academic reputation, NUS is one of the very few Asian business schools where you can learn about the complexity of the South East Asia business environment (not only China), and create your own regional network.

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Full-time MBA student Jin Kwang Yim from South Korea talks about why he choose The NUS MBA, and about his experiences as a student.

nus mba interview
Jin Kwang Yim, South Korean
Full-time MBA student, Class of 2013

Name: Jin Kwang Yim

Nationality: South Korean

Education: Seoul National University, Korea (BA, 2002)

Work experience prior to the NUS MBA: GS Caltex (Formerly LG Caltex), 9 years

Why did you choose The NUS MBA?

Prior to the NUS MBA, I had worked in a sales function for nine years. I enjoyed my work very much and learnt a lot from the people I met. However, for personal advancement and career development, I felt a need to acquire more in-depth knowledge in areas like economics and finance. When I was given the opportunity to pursue a MBA with a company sponsorship, I decided to apply for the NUS MBA after much careful research. The NUS MBA struck me as a well-structured programme with flexible schedules, outstanding facilities and was powered by a stellar cast of international teaching faculty and a diverse student population hailing from close to 30 different nationalities from across the continents. My long term goal is to become a global market leader with a deep understanding of Asian values and I believe that it will be fulfilled through this renowned programme.

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NUS MBA Alumnus Shankar Meembat recalls his MBA journey in conversation with Anuprita Bhomick

I had the pleasure of serving on the Alumni board with fellow NUS MBA alumnus Shankar Meembat (SM), the year that he was elected President of the NUS MBA Alumni executive committee. Shankar has now been with Nokia for close to 15 years and moved back to Finland. I am very grateful to him for taking some time out of his busy schedule for an interview.– Anuprita Bhomick (AB)

Here goes:

AB: Why did you decide to do an MBA? What factors made you choose NUS in 1993?
SM: I started my career in R&D. When I was heading a product development team, I found that there was a discrepancy between what we were developing and what the sales team was selling. They would come back with orders for systems that simply did not match what we were working on. I needed to find out why it was so difficult to sell/market a product, and so I decided to “cross over to the other side”. As I made my career change, I want to have that change supported with suitable qualifications and an MBA became the natural choice.

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Part-Time MBA Alumnus Celena Yew shares her student experience with Anuprita Bhomick

Alumnus Celena Yew talks about juggling work and studies for a part-time MBA, skill-sets she honed in the programme, and her Singapore experience.

“If I ever started my own company, Celena Yew is someone I would hire in a heartbeat. Incredible work ethics, single-minded focus and a very sharp, analytical mind combined with a humility that is so hard to see in today’s world. She is one of the best gifts that the NUS MBA experience has given me. I have been lucky to have Celena as a group member in almost every one of the classes we took together during our MBA and we’ve cemented a friendship that comes along once in a lifetime. During her recent visit to Singapore, I spent some time talking to her about her MBA experience and her life beyond the classroom. Celena now lives near Los Angeles, with her husband Henry (who she met at the NUS MBA) and their lovely daughter, Erika” – Anuprita Bhomick

AB: What made you pick NUS MBA?
CY: Reputation of the school, location (in Asia), reasonable tuition fees and availability of a part-time program that enabled me to work and study at the same time.

AB: Reflections on who you were prior to MBA?

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