A Change of Cause: An Impact Investing MBA Story

This week, we share an MBA story about impact investing. Monica Ochoa Rodriguez  entered the NUS MBA programme with a background in finance and an interest in social entrepreneurship, and no clear idea of how she would combine her expertise and passions. She shares how her studies paved the way for a self-sourced internship in impact investing, and gave her a whole new appreciation for this emerging field.

Social Business MBA

After working for some time as a fixed income trader and wealth management relationship manager, Monica found herself increasingly fascinated by alternative assets. When she came to NUS, taking courses in this field was a natural choice. “Goal number one for my MBA,” she says, “was to find out what I really enjoy, what makes me really happy.”
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For the Love of Language

Introduced by the Language and Culture Club, the Mandarin Initiative provides opportunities for non-Chinese NUS MBA students to learn the language from their Chinese counterparts.

The NUS MBA has rightly been described as a melting pot of cultures. In my first semester, I had the chance to meet and work on assignments with students from South Korea, Japan, Pakistan, Taiwan, Malaysia, China, Sri Lanka and Indonesia, among others. Attending such an engaging program amidst such a plethora of cultural diversity gives one an opportunity to realise and appreciate the nuances and beauty of different cultures.

To further leverage this cultural diversity, an MBA student initiated an extremely fascinating program, named, “The Mandarin Initiative”. Ma Dongye, a full time MBA student from China had previously worked in an NGO that focused on inter-cultural communication between China and the rest of the world and had arranged Mandarin teaching trainings for Chinese teachers. After joining the NUS MBA, Dongye realised that there was a lot of interest in Mandarin among the non-Chinese students. Many students also felt that learning Mandarin would help them in securing better jobs and would open up more lucrative opportunities for them.

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Diversity Demystified

Diversity in NUS: does it live up to the hype? Check out what Full-Time MBA Student Devmanyu Singh has to say about the cultural mix at NUS Business School.

Diversity is a key factor that differentiates NUS from most b-schools in Asia was what I had heard about the MBA program at NUS from my peers in office. This was about a year ago and I had just about started my b-school application process: focusing on Asian b-schools. Having worked with clients based across the globe, I was aware of the cultural and business practice differences that diversity brought along. However, I never quite understood or appreciated the meaning of ‘diversity’ till I entered University Town (or U-Town), the new residence block for graduate and undergraduate students at NUS. I entered the U-Town Housing Office, tired and sleep-deprived, to find myself amidst a group of Japanese with high range SLRs, a couple of Chinese all huddled up, an energetic South Korean guzzling a can of ‘Red Bull’, a South African with his copy of Lonely Planet – Singapore, and a confused Canadian suffering from jet lag. This was my first ‘real’ experience of diversity.

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Colors of HOLI at NUS Business School

NUS MBA students from all of the world had a colourful Holi celebration complete with performances, colours, and good food.

NUS Business School has always had a history of celebrating cultural festivals with great excitement and enjoyment. Holi, the Indian festival of colors, was no exception. The event started off with Mihir Mohite describing the history of this festival and the celebration. Mihir sang “Chalat Musafir” as other members of the cohort pitch in.

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Chinese New Year Celebrations at NUS Business School

NUS MBA Chinese New Year Celebrations: Together in Diversity

Two students blog about their Chinese New Year experiences.

This Year of Tiger came early for NUS MBA students. On February 5, the NUS MBA Student Council staged Chinese New Year Celebrations at Munchie Monkey. Chinese New Year marks the start of new year on the lunar calendar and the start of spring. Though, it was initially celebrated in mainland China, the dispersion of Chinese descendents around the globe now mean that this festival is then celebrated all over the world. Hence, this year Spring Festival in NUS also celebrated diversity. Students from other countries such as Canada, India, Indonesia, Korea, and the Philippines to name the few were being involved with the celebration. We had good food, good entertainment, and most importantly good company… After all, the gist of Chinese New Year celebration is indeed togetherness.

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