For the Love of Language

Introduced by the Language and Culture Club, the Mandarin Initiative provides opportunities for non-Chinese NUS MBA students to learn the language from their Chinese counterparts.

The NUS MBA has rightly been described as a melting pot of cultures. In my first semester, I had the chance to meet and work on assignments with students from South Korea, Japan, Pakistan, Taiwan, Malaysia, China, Sri Lanka and Indonesia, among others. Attending such an engaging program amidst such a plethora of cultural diversity gives one an opportunity to realise and appreciate the nuances and beauty of different cultures.

To further leverage this cultural diversity, an MBA student initiated an extremely fascinating program, named, “The Mandarin Initiative”. Ma Dongye, a full time MBA student from China had previously worked in an NGO that focused on inter-cultural communication between China and the rest of the world and had arranged Mandarin teaching trainings for Chinese teachers. After joining the NUS MBA, Dongye realised that there was a lot of interest in Mandarin among the non-Chinese students. Many students also felt that learning Mandarin would help them in securing better jobs and would open up more lucrative opportunities for them.

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Close Up – NUS MBA Club President Batch 2009

On the eve of the 2010 NUS MBA Club elections, Adarsh Abhineet, President of the 2009 batch shares some of her thoughts and opinions. 

Among the most anticipated events of the year in the lives of the NUS MBA students are the NUS MBA Club elections and the elections for the other supporting clubs, because the people elected become the face of the batch, and of the school, for one whole year. The elected student leaders come forth and pledge to devote time out of their hectic schedules to make a positive impact on the students’ experience. The higher up one is in the council, the more the challenges and the rewards. So just to get a close look at how hard the job is at the highest post in the Students’ Council, we caught up with Adarsh Abhineet, the outgoing President of the 2009 batch in a tête à tête, and an extremely camera-shy President at that :), the night before the election results for the 2010 batch.

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A new beginning…

Aarti Bhatia talks about the NUS MBA Club elections and celebrating Holi in school. 

Saturday 4th March marked a new beginning of sorts in NUS Business School. Two events were lined up for the day – NUS MBA Face-Off and Holi Celebration. Holi is one of most auspicious day for Hindus and the festival marks the beginning of spring. We, at NUS Business School, celebrate every festival with great enthusiasm and participation. This one was no different. Everything, from food to colors, was authentic and the organizers did a good job of re-creating the festive atmosphere in school.

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Dear Prospective NUS MBA Candidate,

We are happy to present you with our NUS MBA Club website which would give you comprehensive information about the various clubs here and their activities. Please check out the following links:

NUS MBA Student Council and Clubs 

NUS MBA Student Council Website

You can also contact the anchors to get more details about their club.

Good luck.