Student Council Retreat

The NUS MBA Student Council Retreat was a success and student blogger Ruhaini Fatema Islam shares her stories about the experiential learning. 

When my husband heard that the new student council was going on a two day retreat he couldn’t stop grumbling as I would be away from home for the entire weekend. But I for one always enjoy outings and was looking forward to the retreat. On Saturday afternoon, we all gathered at school with our little backpacks…Vikram was given the additional responsibility of carrying the first-aid tool kit which later proved helpful when Shekhar took a tumble down the stairs…but that’s another story! 😉

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The NUS MBA Club Retreat

NUS MBA club retreat 2007

The NUS MBA Club Retreat 2007 was held at the National Community Leadership Institute (NACLI) in May 2007.

NUS Business School MBA Club representatives and council members took a day off from their busy schedules and decided to meet at National Community Leadership Institute (NACLI). It was an overnight stay where several brainstorming sessions were planned for and the next morning was reserved for the team building exercise under the guidance of a trainer. We all met at NACLI at around 6:30 PM on Saturday and checked into our rooms where we exchanged quick words with other people and then came to the meeting room. The brainstorming session, which touched up on various topics related to NUS Business School, started around 7:30 PM and we covered quite some ground before we split for dinner at around 9 PM.

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