NUS MBA Club Elections

nus mba club elections 2008

A post announcing the results of the NUS MBA club elections for NUS Business School in 2008.

Electoral fever not only gripped United States but also passed on to NUS Business School premises in late January. The MBA club elections were scheduled to be held in mid February for the post of respective Club Presidents, Directors for Program Development, Student Activities, Career Services and the ‘Big One’ the President of NUS MBA club.

The candidates kicked off the election campaign by floating their mandates for the forthcoming academic cycle, followed by canvassing within the cohort. The Consulting Club election set the tone for the rest of the two week marathon process. In a closely fought battle for the post of President of Consulting club, Isha Gupta scampered home by 11 votes to 9. Isha has laid down the agenda for the Consulting club members. Her emphasis will be on inviting industry experts, conducting case workshops and facilitating tie ups with Consulting Clubs of other major Business Schools. Gagan Deep, Atreyee Pal and Rohini Srivastava won the elections for the Executive Committee to make it an all women’s line up and set a fresh precedent in history of NUS MBA clubs.

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The NUS MBA Club Retreat

NUS MBA club retreat 2007

The NUS MBA Club Retreat 2007 was held at the National Community Leadership Institute (NACLI) in May 2007.

NUS Business School MBA Club representatives and council members took a day off from their busy schedules and decided to meet at National Community Leadership Institute (NACLI). It was an overnight stay where several brainstorming sessions were planned for and the next morning was reserved for the team building exercise under the guidance of a trainer. We all met at NACLI at around 6:30 PM on Saturday and checked into our rooms where we exchanged quick words with other people and then came to the meeting room. The brainstorming session, which touched up on various topics related to NUS Business School, started around 7:30 PM and we covered quite some ground before we split for dinner at around 9 PM.

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The CSR Awareness Month was a wonderful learning experience for the NUS Student Community with distinguished speakers addressing various key topics. 

The CSR Awareness Month, an annual event started in 2006, was co-hosted by the NUS MBA Corporate Ethics Focus Group (CEFG) along with the NUS CSR Student Group this year. As a part of this event, there were Movie Screenings, CSR Exhibition and Speaker Series spread over the entire month of March 2007. The CSR Exhibition happened from March 12th to March 16th in the Business School Foyer. This was intended to spread awareness of Corporate Social Responsibility among the Business School student community. The speaker series was spread over three weeks and the details about the series are as follows:

March 16th 2007 
This event kicked off the CSR Awareness Month Speaker Series for the 2007 edition. Students from all disciplines at NUS gathered to discuss CSR issues facing the Asian region along with a panel of experts from the industry. The distinguished guest for this event was Mr. Thomas Thomas from the Singapore Compact for CSR. The evening also included guest speakers Mr. Ryan Ang from World Bank and Ms. Laura Crow from CSR Asia.

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Quiz Competition – Knowledge@NUS MBA

The winning team of the Inaugural General Quiz Competition talks about their road to victory. 

Organized by Knowledge@NUS MBA, The Inaugural General Quiz Competition went by smoothly last Friday, largely unnoticed amidst the big events like Cerebration and GBC!

After being drained by the mammoth 5 -hour session on Negotiation and Conflict Management Workshop (Conducted by Prof Ho Beng) organized by NUS MBA Consulting Club, I was already pretty much consumed but there was this one last thing for the day – the quiz competition. If I could trust my memory, there were 8 teams in total (Well, I am also counting Rathin as a team even though he alone was killing all of us). There was an elimination round to make the competition manageable and we (Anshuman Kaushik, Yogesh and I) survived this round and made it to the actual competition. Other teams which made it this round were Rathin, Kunal Mukherjee & Team (Anshul & Sumit), Shouvik Chanda & Team (Priyanshu & Shreyansh)

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CSR Awareness Month

Check out the activities in store for CSR Awareness Month, organised by the NUS MBA CSR Group & the NUS MBA Corporate Ethics Focus Group.

NUS Students’ CSR Group in collaboration with the NUS MBA Corporate Ethics Focus Group, with the support of NUS Business School and Singapore Compact for CSR, brings you “Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Awareness Month 2007“.

A series of three film screenings that will expose you to the shocking truths behind capitalism and corporate power – Films that have won awards and accolades!

1. “The Corporation”

2. “Enron: The Smartest Guys In The Room”

3. “Wal-Mart: The High Cost Of Low Price”

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