Colors of HOLI at NUS Business School

NUS MBA students from all of the world had a colourful Holi celebration complete with performances, colours, and good food.

NUS Business School has always had a history of celebrating cultural festivals with great excitement and enjoyment. Holi, the Indian festival of colors, was no exception. The event started off with Mihir Mohite describing the history of this festival and the celebration. Mihir sang “Chalat Musafir” as other members of the cohort pitch in.

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CSR-Kaleidoscope: Behind The Scenes

CSR-Kaleidoscope Team 2009

CSR-K Organising Committee

NUS MBA graduate Dr. Vikram Jaisinghani looks back on CSR-Kaleidoscope, a CSR conference targeting MBA students from leading Business Schools in Singapore.

I woke up on Oct. 8th, 2009 with butterflies in my stomach. This was the day for which I had toiled tirelessly for the last 5 months; when ‘CSR Kaleidoscope 2009’ would make its debut. It was over lunch at the NUS Business Canteen in May 2008 that Kathrin (executive committee member of the Social Impact Club) and I decided to host a CSR conference targeting MBA students from leading Business Schools in Singapore. And today was the day when this idea was going to unfold itself into reality.

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Jenny Costelloe, President of the Nanyang Business School-CSR Club shares her experience and key takeaways from the CSR Kaleidoscope Conference 2009.

I’ll be honest; I went to the Kaleidoscope 2009 event with mixed expectations: was this going to be yet another presentation on corporate “do-gooding” and donations, or would the NUS Social Impact Club be able to demonstrate a similar interpretation of CSR to my own (which I’ll explain later)? I’m pleased to say that from start to finish, the conference content was a careful balance of “the what, the how and the why” of CSR – and not a single mention of a big cheque!

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Welcome – NUS MBA Class of 2011!!

Srinivasa Varadhan, President of the NUS MBA Student Council, extends warm greetings to the incoming class of students.

It is with pleasure that I welcome you all to the NUS MBA Programme on behalf of the NUS MBA Community. I am Srinivasa Varadhan, President of the NUS MBA Student Council, and would like to give you a peek into the School, the people and the experience, which all await you so eagerly; a peek into the 17 month long roller coaster ride you are about to begin!

The Program
Split across semesters, the First semester quite often seems the most challenging, particularly for those after a long break from their past academic endeavors. The interesting challenge however, is not across academics, but in getting “settled as a student”. While this experience evokes emotions ranging from shock to exhilaration, everything depends on how quickly you manage to settle with the reality that your “time as a student” has started again! This 4-month long semester is the best training ground, not only for everything that will ever be required from you by the MBA program; but also and perhaps more importantly, for managing prolonged stressful periods of time.

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The Pilgrimage to Omaha – Enlightened and Humbled

berkshire-hathaway agm 2009

NUS MBA students Kashif Aslam, Kirti Chopra and Kuruvilla Alexander attended the Berkshire-Hathaway AGM in Omaha.

On the 21st of April in the midst of our final exams, we got a pleasant surprise in the form of an email about the chance to meet the “Sage of Omaha” or more popularly known as Mr. Warren Buffet. The annual pilgrimage to Omaha was happening and the NUS MBA would send its share of disciples.

The reason was Berkshire Hathaway’s Annual General Meeting and the place was Omaha, USA. The event attracts some of the most ardent investors and authorities in the field of finance, all willing to fly from all over the world to hear the Oracle speak.

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