CONSULTANT UNPLUGGED 2010 – A Confluence of Ideas

consultant unplugged nus mba career

Lee Pak Kiong from the Consulting Club talks about their flagship event of the year, Consultant Unplugged 2010. 

“This is going to be a busy day.” I was talking to Caleb from the MBA office after picking up some things from him. It was the afternoon of 17th March 2010, the day the MBA consulting club’s flagship event was held. Consultant Unplugged, as the event is called, is the Consulting Club’s main event this year and there have been active preparations for it in the past few months. Indeed, today will be the busy day where all these preparations will turn to fruition.

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Consultant Unplugged 2009

President of the NUS MBA Consulting Club, Shipra Gupta talks about the process of planning the club’s flagship event. 

On March 19, 2009 at 2:30 am, as I finally flopped on my bed, and in the 2 seconds before I fell asleep, all I could remember were Srikanth’s words, “Just make sure you hold Consultant Unplugged”.

The day was Dec 6, 2008. I wasn’t even a month old as the Club President when at the annual ART dinner, one of our alumnus, Srikanth Sridharan caught hold of me and Srinivasa, our student council President, and told both of us that we must hold “Consultant Unplugged”. Our outgoing ex-co had said the same thing and I of course agreed. I hadn’t even planned the event calendar for the year and I was going home for a month. So I made a note at the back of my head and promptly forgot about it. Back in January, I started planning the events, and thinking about Consultant Unplugged. After much deliberation and consultation, we, the club ex-co, decided on March end. We had 3 months to plan, but no idea what we were in for.

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Quiz Competition – Knowledge@NUS MBA

The winning team of the Inaugural General Quiz Competition talks about their road to victory. 

Organized by Knowledge@NUS MBA, The Inaugural General Quiz Competition went by smoothly last Friday, largely unnoticed amidst the big events like Cerebration and GBC!

After being drained by the mammoth 5 -hour session on Negotiation and Conflict Management Workshop (Conducted by Prof Ho Beng) organized by NUS MBA Consulting Club, I was already pretty much consumed but there was this one last thing for the day – the quiz competition. If I could trust my memory, there were 8 teams in total (Well, I am also counting Rathin as a team even though he alone was killing all of us). There was an elimination round to make the competition manageable and we (Anshuman Kaushik, Yogesh and I) survived this round and made it to the actual competition. Other teams which made it this round were Rathin, Kunal Mukherjee & Team (Anshul & Sumit), Shouvik Chanda & Team (Priyanshu & Shreyansh)

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So you wanna be a consultant?

NUS Consulting Club invites guest speaker Prof. Jochen Wirtz to answer questions and share insights into the field of consulting.

Can an actuarial firm compete in the consulting space? Is it possible for a firm specializing in pension fund audits to extend its relationships with existing clients by offering consulting services?

NUS Consulting Club gathered to find answers to these questions two weeks back. The guest speaker was Associate Professor Jochen Wirtz (Academic Co-Director of UCLA-NUS Executive MBA Program).

Prof. Wirtz, in the classic case-method-teaching-style, asked us to come prepared with a case centered on ‘failed attempts of cross-selling”. The discussion began with “a-day-in-the-life-of-consultant” and then quickly moved to the case discussion in general.

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