Oktoberfest – NUS MBA style!!!

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Current and graduating batches of NUS MBA students joined the alumni for a fun-filled Oktoberfest celebration 2008.

I just realised that our blog hasnt been updated since the I-Day 20-sept, which, in MBA years translates to approximately 3.78314 light years.

So I was just wondering why no one has yet written anything on one of the most fun event of the year… the Oktoberfest. For the less enlightened ones [now that I know, I am entitled to condescend 😉 ] …. Oktoberfest is a German annual festival held in the late-September — early-October period. Traditionally this is a 16-day festival, but of course in MBA, one evening is all we can ever afford to plan a party for. So a couple of weeks before, we started planning the event. Sparing the readers all the pain staking details, the event was finally arranged for the evening of Sept 16 in Vivocity. Primarily organized by the NUS MBA Alumni Relations Team, the invitees were the current batch, the graduating batch and of course, the alumni.

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International day 2008 – Salsa to Bhangra

International Day on the 20th of September was a time for the diverse MBA cohort to showcase their country’s distinct culture and heritage.

The first time I noticed the diversity of my MBA cohort was when I had my first Marketing meeting, the second time was during International Day. The event on the 20th of September was for everyone to showcase what their country was all about. The impending doom of the midterms didn’t stop all and sundry from attending the event. Continuing with the tradition every student came dressed up in their national attires.

The event kicked off with the team from China. We had the Chinese Opera followed by a rendition of a Chinese Love song. The attires and the voices were so beautiful and it was a breathtaking performance. I still remember a lunch I had more than a week before the event, with some of my Chinese peers, wherein they looked exhausted because they were practising for the International Day all morning. This dedication and commitment truly reflected in each of their performances.

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Chinese New Year @NUS – Feb, 2008

春节新加坡 2008

Chinese student Gao Xiang talks about celebrating the most important holiday in Chinese culture away from home. 

Spring Festival, the first day of Jan on Lunar Calendar, is the most important holiday in Chinese culture. In tradition, before new-year eve the young and the old all return home to celebrate lunar new-year with their folks. Ordinarily, the spectacular celebration can last for 15 days till lantern Festival.

For most of our Chinese students, it is the first time to be far away from home during new-year period. Rather than spend a peaceful new-year overseas, Chinese students decided to host a carnival and celebrate with international friends from MBA program. The organizing procedure involved much contribution from Chinese students and financial and technical assistance from supportive MBA office. On 2 Feb 2007, in Munchie Monkey Café, the unforgettable night started.

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Holi Celebrations at NUS MBA

nus student activities holi 2008

Holi celebrations at NUS are a colourful and joyous time — MBA student blogger Rohini reports.

My oldest memory of Holi dates back almost 19 years ago. The Delhi mornings had just started becoming warmer and I woke up without a reminder from my mother. I remember I used to long for this Indian festival of colors. As a child, my only objective was to be the most “colored” person at the end of our play. But somehow, after moving cities, this craze of mine died down and so did my excitement to play with colors. Barring a few years, I have hardly played Holi in the real sense over the past few years.

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Diwali – The Festival of Lights

What does an NUS Diwali look like? The NUS MBA Blog celebrates the Festival of Lights 2007.

Diwali was celebrated at NUS on December 10th. We, @ NUS, ensured that it was a celebration not only for the Indians in the cohort, but also for the cohort as a whole. We lit up the room with little deepas, the flame protruding from them flickering in the breeze. Urmila and Gagan, first year MBA students, created a beautiful rangoli in the room. Arindham, another member of our first year student community, recited prayers in Sanskrit. After the pooja, we distributed Prasad and sweets. The experience of explaining about Indian culture to our foreign students was fascinating. They were full of questions – ‘Why lamps? Why so many gods? Why Prasad?’. Honestly, some of their questions made me think as well. It took me back to the basics of our ancient culture.

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