One team, one dream

diversity NUS international day 2007

For Colleen Gao Xiang and Du Fei, International Day 2007 was an opportunity to celebrate the diversity of the NUS MBA community, and to share a different side of Chinese culture.

NUS is not just a university for me, but a connection of culture, a palace of academy, and a community of smart and ambitious young ladies and gentlemen.

It was always my dream to share the long story of China’s history with my foreign friends… the legend of the Forbidden City, the poems of Tang Dynasty, and the tunes of Peking opera. During the night of International day, on the stage of the Kent Ridge Guild House, my dream was realized… not only by me, but all my Chinese friends in the MBA program. Under the limelight, we used our songs to tell the long history of China, a real China, with an ancient, mysterious, and beautiful culture.

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International Day 14th Sep 2007

diversity in nus mba international day 2007

NUS MBA blogger Sourabh reports on International Day 2007, a celebration of diversity, and an evening of deep cultural appreciation and camaraderie.

From the moment you walked in to the minute you left the NUS Guild House, you were splashed by the many cultural hues of the diverse nationalities representing the MBA cohort. Did you know that there are students from 26 countries in Year 1 alone? With students from all over the world – Japan, Korea and China, all the ASEAN countries, the Indian subcontinent, Europe and the Americas, there was never a dull moment. National costume was the recommended attire and the motley crew let go of the drab T-shirt and jeans and changed into the colorful Sarongs, Sarees, Salwar-Kurtas or Barongs of their choice. A flurry of introductions and getting to know each other and the event was ready to start. You made your way to a table, neatly set with a flower at the center. The floral expert that I am, I wondered if it was a Vanda Miss Joaquim, only to be reminded that it was a lovely orchid.