Any Given Sunday

nus mba student life holi 2012
Photo credits: Krishan Kant (Full-time student, Class of 2013)

Want to learn more about NUS MBA student life? Our student blogger discusses an international victory, and a very colourful Holi-day–just two exciting Sundays in the life of an NUS MBA student.

One Sunday Akhil, Gaurav and Stefan were going head-to-head with other Asian b-schools in a competition together with Sindhura and Bastiaan. The next, they were getting drenched and ‘rainbow-colored’ with the cohort in Holi Celebration. Who says Sundays are boring?

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Colors of HOLI at NUS Business School

NUS MBA students from all of the world had a colourful Holi celebration complete with performances, colours, and good food.

NUS Business School has always had a history of celebrating cultural festivals with great excitement and enjoyment. Holi, the Indian festival of colors, was no exception. The event started off with Mihir Mohite describing the history of this festival and the celebration. Mihir sang “Chalat Musafir” as other members of the cohort pitch in.

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While on an MBA exchange programme at NUS, University of South Carolina student Jenny Chen joined us in celebrating Holi, the Indian festival of colours.

I first heard about Holi in an email conversation from a Moore alumnus who had come on exchange to NUS the year before. She described it as a holiday that “involves powdered colors, water and tons of food and fun.” Even though it was exactly as she had described, it still did nothing to prepare me for what exactly was to happen.

The NUS MBA Student Council organized its own Holi celebration the Sunday before the actual holiday on the following Wednesday. Girls and guys dressed in Indian costumes greeted my sight as I walked towards the MBA Lounge. There was Indian music on two big speakers, and piles of colored powder on the floor. Soon after, I was approached by fellow Indian MBAs with various colored powders. “Happy Holi!” they greeted as they smeared the powder on my cheek.

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Holi Celebrations at NUS MBA

nus student activities holi 2008

Holi celebrations at NUS are a colourful and joyous time — MBA student blogger Rohini reports.

My oldest memory of Holi dates back almost 19 years ago. The Delhi mornings had just started becoming warmer and I woke up without a reminder from my mother. I remember I used to long for this Indian festival of colors. As a child, my only objective was to be the most “colored” person at the end of our play. But somehow, after moving cities, this craze of mine died down and so did my excitement to play with colors. Barring a few years, I have hardly played Holi in the real sense over the past few years.

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A new beginning…

Aarti Bhatia talks about the NUS MBA Club elections and celebrating Holi in school. 

Saturday 4th March marked a new beginning of sorts in NUS Business School. Two events were lined up for the day – NUS MBA Face-Off and Holi Celebration. Holi is one of most auspicious day for Hindus and the festival marks the beginning of spring. We, at NUS Business School, celebrate every festival with great enthusiasm and participation. This one was no different. Everything, from food to colors, was authentic and the organizers did a good job of re-creating the festive atmosphere in school.

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