Merci beaucoup!

An NUS student posts about the MBA exchange programme at HEC Paris in 2006.

In 2004, I had been to Paris as a tourist for four days but fell head-over-heels in love with the place and knew I’d definitely be coming back. Anyone who has seen the Eiffel sparkle at night can surely agree.

Paris! Je ne sais quoi
So while I am here to pursue an MBA exchange program at HEC lets first give Paris its due importance and discuss what you will miss by not being here! There is beauty in Paris – in everything you can imagine. Streets, people, architecture, weather, cafes…you name it. The added advantage of living in a Schengen country is that we can travel to so many other destinations without having to worry about individual visas.

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Equity Derivatives, Fall Colours & Lots of Wine!

mba exchange programme cornell

Shweta blogs about her MBA Exchange programme experience at the Johnson School at Cornell University, Ithaca.

I’m half-way through my fall semester at Cornell and already, I feel enriched with my academic, travel & cultural experiences. Not to forget the varied climatic conditions I have experienced so far- and it’s not even snowing yet!!! I’m taking five NUS equivalent modules for 3 days a week, so my long-weekends (every week) leave me with enough time to travel around & unwind.

Academics: Cornell would be ‘the’ place if one is interested especially in finance courses, though the other courses are just as good. Most of the instructors come with 15-20 years of professional experience and/or are well-renowned in the academic field. For instance, my favourite course has been Equity Derivates- which is being taught by a Prof. who started & co-leads the Equity Derivates desk at Goldman Sachs for 20 years. So the class is really filled with real practical examples & material. It’s as close you can get to being in ‘Sales & Trading’ without having a Bloomberg screen at hand. It also helps when the Prof. takes students out every week after class to some of the classiest restaurants in Ithaca!

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