SEP @ MBS – An experience and an adventure

R.Suraj writes about his MBA exchange experience in Melbourne Business School, Australia.

I was travelling on the Melbourne-bound Qantas airways flight. There were some amazing movies playing and the elderly lady to my right was asleep. I could neither sleep nor focus on the movies. My mind was filled with a euphoric expectation of what was to come. A new place, new culture, new food, new people…I had always dreamt of travelling the world. And now, thanks to NUS and specifically Zahira for all her efforts, I was on the verge of realizing my little dream…

Exactly three months later, I was on the Singapore-bound Qantas airways flight. My time on exchange had been both an experience and an adventure. An experience in terms of what happened within MBS and an adventure in terms of what happened outside the school. As I recollected those memories, filled with satisfaction, this time I fell asleep.

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The Real Impact: Johnson School, Cornell University

nus mba student exchange cornell usa 2008

Abhijeet writes about his NUS MBA student exchange in Cornell University, USA.

After exactly 4 months in the land of Uncle Sam, I was back to my base with memories of the exchange experience. I have just one word to describe the exchange stint at Cornell…. FAAAN-TAAAS-TIIIC!!

It was in the third week of August that I landed in NY and took a 5 hr (~250 mile) bus ride to Ithaca, NY (ever heard of this place?? Neither did I — till I was selected for Cornell. I made sure I asked Nichole Detering how this place was pronounced lest I made a fool of myself). The fact that the US Immigration gave me a new name “FNU, Abhijeet” is a different story (FNU stands for First Name Unknown and it did not help when the lady at Gannet Health Center called me “Mr. FNU”, sounding like FLU which was more appropriate in a hospital setting). “Treasures are found in the most unknown of places” and this was amply proven when I reached the college town Ithaca. What a wonderful place!!

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A totally new experience during Exchange

nus mba exchange experience singapore

Johnny Jetjirawat, an NUS MBA exchange student from the University of Southern California, shares his experience at International Day 2009.

International day was a very interesting event for me. I didn’t know what to expect at first. I didn’t even dress up because I thought it was going to be a small party with a few people in their national costumes. It is evident that I was so wrong.

It turned out to be a showcase party of our fellow students. I was impressed with the NUS students, being brave and courageous enough to go up on stage in front of hundreds to show their talents. Even many quiet students in my class were confident and expressive on the big stage. Bravo!!

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MBA Exchange Experience at NUS Business School

nus mba exchange in singapore 2007 st gallen








Melanie Oschlies, on MBA exchange from the University of St Gallen, tells us about her experience in the NUS MBA programme.

NUS MBA Experience: 7 new friends from 7 nationalities

Staying 4 months in Singapore was a great experience for me. I got to know lot of interesting people from around the world in the NUS MBA Program – and we had great fun partying, travelling and working together. When I first arrived in Singapore I was warmly welcomed by my fellow flatmates and peers. Their open attitude allowed me to find good friends soon and there was always someone willing to help with any kind of problems… ya any kind.. right from which restaurant to go to, in all price ranges, to how to make the cheapest call back home to Germany 🙂

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Sipping Starbucks at Seattle!

NUS MBA student Kishore shares about his MBA exchange experience (in the land of Starbucks!) at the University of Washington, Seattle.

The University Of Washington (UW) is located in downtown Seattle and has several buildings and campuses scattered close to each other inside the city. In here, accommodation for graduates is quite similar to that of NUS. Students live close to the campus in private dormitories or houses. One could also choose to stay in cities around like Bellevue, Kirkland or Redmond and take the bus every day (it takes just about 1/2 hour and the service is pretty good during peak hours). However, one would do well to stay around campus considering the MBA grind. As I mentioned, there are many cities surrounding Seattle. One of the cities called Bellevue houses the sprawling Microsoft campus and another city, Renton, hosts the Boeing factory. Seattle is supposed to be one the most scenic locations in the United States. Temperature scales normally read between 45-60F during autumn.

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