Summer Exchange Programme – Paris

summer graduate program ESSEC 

Salahaddine from the NUS MBA Class of 2010, shares his experiences about the Summer Exchange Programme at ESSEC, Paris.

The journey of ESSEC summer program “Global Manager In Europe” started with an application and a selection process. Applications started in early February and the deadline was at the end of March, the requirements were: Good Academic Standing (with CAP of 3.0 and above), an application form, a CV and a Motivation Letter in which one needed to explain why one wanted to take this summer program in Paris. I remember one student simply, but frankly, said, “Because….. Because it’s Paris!”

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The Leaders – Next in Line: UCLA Global Business Leadership Case Competition

From left: Megha Mittal, Karla Hotchkiss, Richard Rubnan, Saurabh Kaushik & Apurbakanti Mukherjee

The NUS MBA Team won runners-up position at the UCLA Global Business Leadership Case Competition 2009. They share their experience here.

We kept looking at our watches, waiting for 4:15 pm, but it seemed like time had come to a standstill. We were in sunny Los Angeles representing NUS Business School at the UCLA Global Business Leadership Case Competition. The results for the preliminary stage were to be announced at 4:15pm and four out of the twelve teams from top MBA schools worldwide would make it to the next round.

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Futsal Fury 2009

Jointly organised by NUS MBA Social Impact and Sports Clubs, Futsal Fury 2009 saw teams from INSEAD and GE as finalists in a fundraising futsal match.

It was a crisp “Valentine’s Day” Saturday morning on February 14, 2009; but for the team of NUS MBA Social Impact Club, it was more than just Valentine’s day – it was a day when the club was going to host an event that would make a difference in some people’s lives. This event was a fund-raiser for a local Singapore hospital that serves patients suffering from HIV/AIDS.

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While on an MBA exchange programme at NUS, University of South Carolina student Jenny Chen joined us in celebrating Holi, the Indian festival of colours.

I first heard about Holi in an email conversation from a Moore alumnus who had come on exchange to NUS the year before. She described it as a holiday that “involves powdered colors, water and tons of food and fun.” Even though it was exactly as she had described, it still did nothing to prepare me for what exactly was to happen.

The NUS MBA Student Council organized its own Holi celebration the Sunday before the actual holiday on the following Wednesday. Girls and guys dressed in Indian costumes greeted my sight as I walked towards the MBA Lounge. There was Indian music on two big speakers, and piles of colored powder on the floor. Soon after, I was approached by fellow Indian MBAs with various colored powders. “Happy Holi!” they greeted as they smeared the powder on my cheek.

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MBA Fried Noodles & Student Diversity

Visiting University of South Carolina student Adrian Rusu talks about student diversity, in the context of an NUS MBA-style barbeque organised by the MBA Student Council.

Typical Singapore evening, temperature between 25C and 29C, clear sky and relaxed Sunday evening feel; this is how the BBQ party started. Ten, fifteen, twenty-five and before we knew it, more than 40 people showed up. One could only try to count all the nationalities that were represented at the party, covering most Asian regions, part of Europe, but North and South America as well. This is the type of diversity that a visiting student finds at NUS.

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