Career change? Be focused

Radhika, Class of 2007, talks about her exchange stint in HEC Paris, and making a career change post-MBA.

When I decided to pursue an MBA it was primarily to enable a career change, a move from Information Technology to Consumer Marketing. This was just a gut feeling though, something based on my passion for creativity, communications and the idea of “selling-ideas”. I knew that without hands-on experience in Marketing it was impossible to make a career-change unless I was willing to start from scratch. Being realistic I obviously did not want to start at the bottom again, compromising the 4+ years of work experience I had.

And so when I made it to the MBA programme at NUS Business School, I was intent upon specialising in Marketing. Everything I did in my two years at NUS was in one way or another driven by my goal to make this shift possible.

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Merci beaucoup!

An NUS student posts about the MBA exchange programme at HEC Paris in 2006.

In 2004, I had been to Paris as a tourist for four days but fell head-over-heels in love with the place and knew I’d definitely be coming back. Anyone who has seen the Eiffel sparkle at night can surely agree.

Paris! Je ne sais quoi
So while I am here to pursue an MBA exchange program at HEC lets first give Paris its due importance and discuss what you will miss by not being here! There is beauty in Paris – in everything you can imagine. Streets, people, architecture, weather, cafes…you name it. The added advantage of living in a Schengen country is that we can travel to so many other destinations without having to worry about individual visas.

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