The first Li Ka Shing Professor of the LKY School of Public Policy

‘Hello Mr. Morgan Freeman, can I have your autograph please?’

The auditorium echoed with uproarious laughter as Mr. Kofi Annan related this amusing incident when he was staying incognito in a remote Italian hamlet, after his retirement as the UN Secretary General. Mr. Annan relates, ‘I had gone to the local bar, hoping that no one would know me here. But when this Italian man came over to me from his table, I was afraid I had blown my cover. I was only too happy to play Morgan Freeman after he said that’.

Mr. Annan is the first Li Ka Shing Professor at the Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy, a tremendous honour for the school and for NUS. This was his first public talk, held at the University Cultural Centre Hall, NUS on 26th February 2010, and as NUS MBA students, we had special seats reserved for us. The topic of the day was Asia and Africa: Past Lessons; Future Ambitions.

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Learning & Fun

NUS MBA student talks about the NUS MBA Alumni Conference 2009, which provided insights about the prospects for the global economy in 2010.

As one of the first few to arrive at the Shaw Alumni House Auditorium for the 2009 Alumni conference, I signed up with the front desk personnel and got my registration confirmed. It was very obvious from the start that a lot of detailed planning and coordination had been employed to organize this conference. I saw some of my fellow MBA course mates from the organising committee ushering in the guests and ensuring that guests were registered promptly upon arrival. The Global Alumni Network Office (GANO) had indeed performed a top notch job in putting together this conference.

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Talk by Ms. Olivia Lum of Hyflux

Olivia lum talk nus 2008

Student blogger Srikanth reports on a talk by Olivia Lum of Hyflux on 30th January 2008.

Over the past two years, we have had opportunities to interact with a range of eminent personalities including industry experts, politicians, Nobel laureates and academicians. However, there is a different kind of excitement in the air when it comes to meeting up with and hearing from entrepreneurs. It is even more so, when the entrepreneur happens to be an alumnus of your school. Mr. Ivan Lee and Mr. Adam Khoo were two energetic entrepreneurs who fell in this bracket and are indeed very famous around. But when I heard about this talk by Ms. Olivia Lum, I wasn’t quite sure what we were in for. As you can guess, NUS happens to be her alma mater as well. Other than that, I ran a Google search to find out more information on her. And I did find loads of it in there that laid a good platform for the talk. Ms Lum had received numerous awards such as Nikkei Asia Prize Award 2006, Asiamoney’s Best Corporate Executive of the Year in 2005, Businessman of the Year 2004. My expectations were growing and I began looking forward to the talk.

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So you wanna be a consultant?

NUS Consulting Club invites guest speaker Prof. Jochen Wirtz to answer questions and share insights into the field of consulting.

Can an actuarial firm compete in the consulting space? Is it possible for a firm specializing in pension fund audits to extend its relationships with existing clients by offering consulting services?

NUS Consulting Club gathered to find answers to these questions two weeks back. The guest speaker was Associate Professor Jochen Wirtz (Academic Co-Director of UCLA-NUS Executive MBA Program).

Prof. Wirtz, in the classic case-method-teaching-style, asked us to come prepared with a case centered on ‘failed attempts of cross-selling”. The discussion began with “a-day-in-the-life-of-consultant” and then quickly moved to the case discussion in general.

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IBM Talk

The IBM Careers Talk organised by the Career Services Office took place at NUS Business School on 18 October 2006.

Think Business Consulting, Solutions, Software, IT Services, Servers, Storage, PC Products – Think IBM. At the IBM Careers Talk we had a unique opportunity to meet the representatives from the company with annual revenues of USD 91.1 billion, more than 300 000 employees, and a presence in more than 75 countries all around the globe.

The talk started off with a presentation that provided some interesting insights about the company by Mr. Colin Chong, Senior HR Manager at IBM Singapore. He took us through the history of IBM and shared with us a variety of details including the company’s focus on innovation, emphasis on diversity, and presence of opportunities to build a career. His extensive association with the company provided additional value to the information that we gained from his talk. Next to talk to us was Mr. Kris MacCabe, CFO, IBM Singapore. He has also been associated with IBM for a long time and had valuable details like the PC division sale, importance of an integrated value system and focus areas in business to share with us.

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