KM Club Event CEO Speak

nus mba knowledge management club -insight infrastructure event

The NUS MBA Knowledge Management club hosted Udhay Mathialagan, Founder and CEO of Insight Infrastructure, Singapore to come talk to the MBA cohort. Mr. Mathialagan has extensive experience in the telecom infrastructure industry and shared his experiences as an entrepreneur and a CEO.

Mr Mathialagan talked about how he started the company and their initial plans for growth.The company constructed many telecom towers in the North-Eastern region of India which is considered a difficult region to do business in primarily because of the lack of infrastructure and adverse socio-political conditions. After successful operation for a couple of years, the company has now been sold off.

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Singapore’s role in Sustainable Development – a thought provoking discussion

The 2008 Distinguished Alumni Business Leaders Forum was a success which provided much insights on Sustainable Development and Singapore’s role in it. 

The Distinguished Alumni Business Leaders Forum held on 22nd January 2008 was a successful thought-provoking event. The topic, Sustainable Development: What roles can Singapore play in the region and the world, was interesting enough to attract a diverse crowd including students, alumni, faculty and business fraternity from all over Singapore. The afternoon got off to an exciting start with a keynote address from Dr. Kenny Tang, Founder and CEO of Oxbridge Climate Capital. With his vast experience and invaluable knowledge, the man known as ‘Asia’s Al Gore’ kept the entire audience glued to his speech that covered a range of topics including the important need for alternative sources of energy and the lucrative business opportunity that exists within this space. His comments on the “War on Global Warming” got everyone thinking about this phase where one could see a great opportunity amidst a daunting challenge that needed to be addressed.

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13th CEO Unplugged – The Way Ahead!

Hsieh Hu Fua, CEO of the Singapore Stock Exchange, and Owen Ow, CEO Yeo Hiap Seng (Malaysia) Bhd, were guest speakers at the 13th Edition of CEO Unplugged at the NUS Business School. 

The 2007 edition of CEO Unplugged may have started off on a low-note, when we heard that Mr. Jonathan Larsen, CEO, Citibank Singapore would not be joining the event, but once things got started, we were completely captivated by what we heard from the other two CEO guest speakers. Everyone in the audience, who I am sure each cherished a dream of becoming a CEO, was all ears.

Mr. Hsieh Hu Fua, CEO SGX (Singapore Stock Exchange), was the first to get unplugged. In case you are wondering about ‘unplugged’, this event was formatted like the Oprah Show. So, it was more of a personal interaction as an individual, than about vision, mission and strategy. Mr. Hsieh started off in a very interesting note about his first class at the NUS Business School long time ago. This was about modeling the entire management theory using cycling as an analogy. His lecturer spoke about balance, coordination, moving ahead and all other aspects, he said. Interestingly, he left his first class with a negative impression of what lay ahead. Mr. Hsieh kept the audience in a lighter mood all the time. He spoke about how critical it is to be a global person and become a part of the global talent pool which is what companies look for these days. While revealing himself as a lazy person who never had a long-term plan for himself, he was being very frank and laid the connecting platform really well. He mentioned that his greatest fear would be letting down people. His experiences during the early days and the struggles he had gone through carried a strong message to the audience as did his firm note on ‘never-say-die’ attitude which he said is needed for any CEO.

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Open Sesame!

the VP of Alibaba meets NUS MBA students

Srikanth and his team never dreamed they would be discussing their Marketing Strategy case with the Alibaba Vice President himself!

When we got this case allotted for our marketing strategy analysis, little did we expect to meet with a person of such ranking from the company. It was an immensely valuable hour that we spent with Mr Porter Erisman, Vice President, International Marketing at

Our appointment was fixed at 04.00 PM and he was there on the dot– talk about punctuality and professionalism! His excitement to meet with the NUS MBA Team and his interest in discussing about the marketing concepts used at was infectious. For a person of such caliber, he was extremely down to earth and he began by asking us to suggest an approach for the discussion as he came in. We preferred to have it as a group discussion where he could also share his thoughts as we put forth our analysis that we had done in the last few weeks.

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Corporate Ethics Focus Group

This group includes NUS MBA students and professors who are interested in developing and sharing their perspectives on Corporate Ethics – a critical aspect in today’s business environment.

We are all so engrossed in our functional skill development these days. It is truly important and must be given a high priority. But, one essential aspect of doing any business is being ethical. It earns the due respect for an individual and for an organization, when it is adopted as a culture. We are interested to develop our perspectives on this subject using interactions and discussions with fellow MBAs, Professors and the Industry.

The motive behind this focus group is to share information on a few things:

  1. Role of ethics in business
  2. Ethical practices in contemporary business
  3. Results of unethical practices
  4. Ideas and thoughts on ethics

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