Corporate Ethics Focus Group

This group includes NUS MBA students and professors who are interested in developing and sharing their perspectives on Corporate Ethics – a critical aspect in today’s business environment.

We are all so engrossed in our functional skill development these days. It is truly important and must be given a high priority. But, one essential aspect of doing any business is being ethical. It earns the due respect for an individual and for an organization, when it is adopted as a culture. We are interested to develop our perspectives on this subject using interactions and discussions with fellow MBAs, Professors and the Industry.

The motive behind this focus group is to share information on a few things:

  1. Role of ethics in business
  2. Ethical practices in contemporary business
  3. Results of unethical practices
  4. Ideas and thoughts on ethics

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Think Global, Act Local

‘Think Global Act Local’? At a Roundtable Discussion at NUS Guild House on 10 October 2006, P&G and NUS MBA representatives explored the implications of the phrase for multinationals.

Which company has a history of 170 years, markets almost 300 products (22 of which makes more than a billion dollar in sales each year) to more than 5 billion consumers in over 140 countries with annual sales exceeding USD$50 billion?

Which company owns the following brands – Pampers, Pringles, Pantene, Head & Shoulders, Olay, Tide, Ariel, Gillette, Braun, Duracell, Oral-B and Wella (this list is far from exhaustive)?

Which is the only Blue Ribbon Company to appear on 7 Fortune Lists in 2004?

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Lehman Brothers – Exclusive for Women

Date: 27 September 2006
Venue: STI Auditorium, Robinson Road, Singapore

This was one only for the ladies!! The event was a “By Invitation” session just for the Business School female students and was organized by the Women Initiative Leading Lehman (WILL) network. The guest speaker for this event was Ms Catherine Lim, General Manager of Lehman Brothers Inc., Singapore Branch. This was a golden opportunity for us to mingle with senior executives from the Investment Banking and Capital Markets Divisions.

There were 10 female MBA students from NUS Business School who attended the talk. Catherine Lim spoke extensively on work culture at Lehman Brothers. She shared some of her memorable moments working in the firm. When asked about the life of an investment banker, she replied that one needs to be prepared and committed to this career because it involves a lot of hard work to succeed. She stressed on the fact that ‘if you don’t enjoy what you do, you will never perform in the workplace’. The session was helpful as we got the female perspective of career in investment banking. The session concluded with briefing on application process for the summer internship.

Aarti Bhatia
Class of 2008

Graduate Business Conference

The NUS Business School is proud to announce that it will be hosting the Graduate Business Conference (GBC), during its very first visit to Asia.

GBC is an annual conference organized by the Graduate Business Foundation. The foundation was created as a forum for student leaders from the very elite business schools across the world, to enhance and fulfill community, academic and professional goals. Since its inception, the Foundation has grown in size, but still remains very eclectic in offering memberships, with only the top 30 American schools, the top 15 European schools and the top 10 schools from the rest of the world as its members.

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Talk by Michael Podolinsky

Michael Podolinsky led an energetic session on personal branding and networking at NUS Business School on 25 September 2006.

Today Michael Podolinsky gave an energetic presentation on personal branding and networking skills. It was his first presentation to a student group in an academic setting though he has had interactions with professors and other faculty members earlier. He speaks at the National Achievers’ Congress and is a highly inspirational speaker. He was recently featured in the Straits Times (oldest broadsheet newspaper of Singapore) together with other prominent trainers such as Ron Kaufmann and Adam Khoo.

I found it interesting to know how important is to keep your business card with you ALWAYS! He gave some interview tips, presentation tips and then went about describing some of the criterion based on which you should choose ‘your job’.

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