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NUS MBA student talks about the NUS MBA Alumni Conference 2009, which provided insights about the prospects for the global economy in 2010.

As one of the first few to arrive at the Shaw Alumni House Auditorium for the 2009 Alumni conference, I signed up with the front desk personnel and got my registration confirmed. It was very obvious from the start that a lot of detailed planning and coordination had been employed to organize this conference. I saw some of my fellow MBA course mates from the organising committee ushering in the guests and ensuring that guests were registered promptly upon arrival. The Global Alumni Network Office (GANO) had indeed performed a top notch job in putting together this conference.

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NUS MBA Alumni Dinner


Hnin Phyu Phyu Aung blogs about the NUS MBA Alumni Dinner 2009.

“Submitted, just in time!” informing Winson and Jin Wei about the report, I rushed for the annual NUS MBA Alumni Dinner. Even though it was Sunday, there were a number of students on campus engaging in different activities. By the time I arrived at the University Hall, it was five minutes past two. It was such a relief that Claire and Nan had told Florence about the report that was due for my business plan that day. In no time, I was informed that I had to do registration for seminar 3, “Regulatory Responses to the Credit Crisis” . Shipra arrived soon after with a smile, mentioning that she was caught in the rain. She was assigned for “Personal Effectiveness: The Human Factor in Management”, with the highest number of registrants. We all gave her a warm smile to encourage her. Outside, it was no longer raining, but was just good enough for people to commute.

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Talk by Ms. Olivia Lum of Hyflux

Olivia lum talk nus 2008

Student blogger Srikanth reports on a talk by Olivia Lum of Hyflux on 30th January 2008.

Over the past two years, we have had opportunities to interact with a range of eminent personalities including industry experts, politicians, Nobel laureates and academicians. However, there is a different kind of excitement in the air when it comes to meeting up with and hearing from entrepreneurs. It is even more so, when the entrepreneur happens to be an alumnus of your school. Mr. Ivan Lee and Mr. Adam Khoo were two energetic entrepreneurs who fell in this bracket and are indeed very famous around. But when I heard about this talk by Ms. Olivia Lum, I wasn’t quite sure what we were in for. As you can guess, NUS happens to be her alma mater as well. Other than that, I ran a Google search to find out more information on her. And I did find loads of it in there that laid a good platform for the talk. Ms Lum had received numerous awards such as Nikkei Asia Prize Award 2006, Asiamoney’s Best Corporate Executive of the Year in 2005, Businessman of the Year 2004. My expectations were growing and I began looking forward to the talk.

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Singapore’s role in Sustainable Development – a thought provoking discussion

The 2008 Distinguished Alumni Business Leaders Forum was a success which provided much insights on Sustainable Development and Singapore’s role in it. 

The Distinguished Alumni Business Leaders Forum held on 22nd January 2008 was a successful thought-provoking event. The topic, Sustainable Development: What roles can Singapore play in the region and the world, was interesting enough to attract a diverse crowd including students, alumni, faculty and business fraternity from all over Singapore. The afternoon got off to an exciting start with a keynote address from Dr. Kenny Tang, Founder and CEO of Oxbridge Climate Capital. With his vast experience and invaluable knowledge, the man known as ‘Asia’s Al Gore’ kept the entire audience glued to his speech that covered a range of topics including the important need for alternative sources of energy and the lucrative business opportunity that exists within this space. His comments on the “War on Global Warming” got everyone thinking about this phase where one could see a great opportunity amidst a daunting challenge that needed to be addressed.

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The CSR Awareness Month was a wonderful learning experience for the NUS Student Community with distinguished speakers addressing various key topics. 

The CSR Awareness Month, an annual event started in 2006, was co-hosted by the NUS MBA Corporate Ethics Focus Group (CEFG) along with the NUS CSR Student Group this year. As a part of this event, there were Movie Screenings, CSR Exhibition and Speaker Series spread over the entire month of March 2007. The CSR Exhibition happened from March 12th to March 16th in the Business School Foyer. This was intended to spread awareness of Corporate Social Responsibility among the Business School student community. The speaker series was spread over three weeks and the details about the series are as follows:

March 16th 2007 
This event kicked off the CSR Awareness Month Speaker Series for the 2007 edition. Students from all disciplines at NUS gathered to discuss CSR issues facing the Asian region along with a panel of experts from the industry. The distinguished guest for this event was Mr. Thomas Thomas from the Singapore Compact for CSR. The evening also included guest speakers Mr. Ryan Ang from World Bank and Ms. Laura Crow from CSR Asia.

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