Tiger Brewery Company Tour

nus mba students at tiger brewery 2006

The MBA office sponsored a trip to “Tiger Brewery” (Asia Pacific Brewery) on 29 September 2006. At the Tiger Tavern, beer appreciation and photo opportunities ensued.

When Zann, our NUS MBA Student Development manager, emailed us about the MBA office sponsored tour to the “Tiger Brewery” (Asia Pacific Brewery), it took just 3 hours for the spots to fill up. That must be some kind of record; but, I guess it was to be expected with an itinerary that promised a (free) beer appreciation session at the Tiger Tavern. And so, on the morning of September 29th, the excitement was palpable. We gathered outside BIZ1 and set off in a bus to APB. We got there, got our visitor tags and got set for the tour. Some of us, who were dressed up for a tête-à-tête with the CEO, were slightly disappointed when Ms Sze Yi, a friendly tour guide, stepped out to greet us instead. But the promise of free beer kept our spirits up and off we went!

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