TATA Internships

When the Tata group came to NUS to recruit summer interns, they interviewed our MBAs and BBAs  and offered select students a Tata internship on the spot! — NUS MBA blogger Anupam reports.

It was 27th of October – Tata group, was here in NUS to recruit interns for its upcoming summer internships. They were certainly not the first recruiter who had expressed interest NUS Business School graduates. But unlike most of the earlier ones, they had come prepared to select and offer internships on the very same day. The very idea of being able to get internship with such a reputed company and that too without the long and tedious process of a typical internship was refreshing. And not surprisingly many of our fellow MBA and BBA students were seen outside the interview venue, dressed in impressive business suits and ties, ready to give their best shot.

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