Meeting the master…attending Warren Buffet’s Berkshire’s AGM

berkshire agm 2007

NUS MBA student Tushar Kheterpal was selected to attend the Berkshire AGM 2007, and recounts his experience here.

 “We would like to congratulate you on being selected to attend Warren Buffett’s AGM….” the opening-line of the email I received on an evening about 3 weeks back made me jump with excitement. I was selected along with 2 other of my MBA batch-mates to attend Berkshire Hathaway’s (A Warren Buffet Company) Annual General Meeting (AGM or Shareholder’s Meeting) in Omaha, USA.

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TATA Internships

When the Tata group came to NUS to recruit summer interns, they interviewed our MBAs and BBAs  and offered select students a Tata internship on the spot! — NUS MBA blogger Anupam reports.

It was 27th of October – Tata group, was here in NUS to recruit interns for its upcoming summer internships. They were certainly not the first recruiter who had expressed interest NUS Business School graduates. But unlike most of the earlier ones, they had come prepared to select and offer internships on the very same day. The very idea of being able to get internship with such a reputed company and that too without the long and tedious process of a typical internship was refreshing. And not surprisingly many of our fellow MBA and BBA students were seen outside the interview venue, dressed in impressive business suits and ties, ready to give their best shot.

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Open Sesame!

the VP of Alibaba meets NUS MBA students

Srikanth and his team never dreamed they would be discussing their Marketing Strategy case with the Alibaba Vice President himself!

When we got this case allotted for our marketing strategy analysis, little did we expect to meet with a person of such ranking from the company. It was an immensely valuable hour that we spent with Mr Porter Erisman, Vice President, International Marketing at

Our appointment was fixed at 04.00 PM and he was there on the dot– talk about punctuality and professionalism! His excitement to meet with the NUS MBA Team and his interest in discussing about the marketing concepts used at was infectious. For a person of such caliber, he was extremely down to earth and he began by asking us to suggest an approach for the discussion as he came in. We preferred to have it as a group discussion where he could also share his thoughts as we put forth our analysis that we had done in the last few weeks.

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Tiger Brewery Company Tour

nus mba students at tiger brewery 2006

The MBA office sponsored a trip to “Tiger Brewery” (Asia Pacific Brewery) on 29 September 2006. At the Tiger Tavern, beer appreciation and photo opportunities ensued.

When Zann, our NUS MBA Student Development manager, emailed us about the MBA office sponsored tour to the “Tiger Brewery” (Asia Pacific Brewery), it took just 3 hours for the spots to fill up. That must be some kind of record; but, I guess it was to be expected with an itinerary that promised a (free) beer appreciation session at the Tiger Tavern. And so, on the morning of September 29th, the excitement was palpable. We gathered outside BIZ1 and set off in a bus to APB. We got there, got our visitor tags and got set for the tour. Some of us, who were dressed up for a tête-à-tête with the CEO, were slightly disappointed when Ms Sze Yi, a friendly tour guide, stepped out to greet us instead. But the promise of free beer kept our spirits up and off we went!

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PSA Company Tour

Date: 22 September 2006

Venue: PSA Singapore

On 22nd Sept, 2006, as a member of the MBA Class of NUS Business School, I went for an Industry tour to PSA Singapore. Our host Ms. Valerie greeted us at PSA premises at Alexandra Road and gave us a brief introduction about the company, its mission and operations. We got more information through the corporate video shown to us, explaining most of the things we wanted to know in a compact 7 minute film. We had a panoramic view of Pasir Panjang terminal and the Pasir Panjang Highway connecting its other terminals at Keppel, Tanjong Pagar and Brani from the 40th floor of PSA building. After that, we went to Pasir Panjang terminal where we saw some of the world’s most sophisticated container operating systems and also the world’s fastest flow-through gate system.

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