A Brief Stint with Microsoft: Microsoft Case Challenge 2009

nus mba microsoft case challenge 2009

The 2009 Microsoft Case Challenge was held in Beijing from January 5-6. Muthuramen Ganesan’s team emerged as runner-up, with the chance to implement their proposed business plan with funding from Microsoft.

Event: The 2009 East-West MBA All-Star Case Challenge
Venue: Grand Hyatt and Oriental Plaza, Beijing
Date: January 5-6 

16 teams, 12 universities: needless to say the atmosphere was electrifying! Here we were in Beijing, to represent the NUS Business School in an exclusive “by invitation only”, non-profit case challenge organized by the Cheung Kong Graduate School of Business in conjunction with Microsoft “FirenzeChina”. We were enthralled and felt extremely proud to be the only team from Singapore to participate in this international competition. It had been hard work preparing for this contest especially given that all four of us were located in four different cities, teleconferencing day and night coordinating with each other.

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