Open Sesame!

the VP of Alibaba meets NUS MBA students

Srikanth and his team never dreamed they would be discussing their Marketing Strategy case with the Alibaba Vice President himself!

When we got this case allotted for our marketing strategy analysis, little did we expect to meet with a person of such ranking from the company. It was an immensely valuable hour that we spent with Mr Porter Erisman, Vice President, International Marketing at

Our appointment was fixed at 04.00 PM and he was there on the dot– talk about punctuality and professionalism! His excitement to meet with the NUS MBA Team and his interest in discussing about the marketing concepts used at was infectious. For a person of such caliber, he was extremely down to earth and he began by asking us to suggest an approach for the discussion as he came in. We preferred to have it as a group discussion where he could also share his thoughts as we put forth our analysis that we had done in the last few weeks.

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