MBA Career Connexions Feb 2008

Adarsh Abhineet reports on the MBA Career Connexions 2008, which provides students the chance the explore career opportunities in various companies. 

The MBA Career Connexions 2008 , February edition, was organized at Suntec City Convention Centre on 20th February 2008. With the recruitment process for this academic calendar in most of the companies reaching final stage, Connexions provided one last chance for the students to get to know their prospective recruiters.

In this edition of MBA Career Connexions companies like Merril Lynch, ANZ, Microsoft, Gallup, Watson, HP, Unilever were the main attractions among the students. For the first time, recruiters from Middle East participated in the Connexion event reflecting the growing presence of NUS MBA brand across the globe. Alghanim industries from Kuwait had come for campus recruitment and provided insight to the students about the businesses in which Alghanim has spread its wings. Connexions provide student the platform to explore career opportunities within the company and know the company better. The companies return get to gauge the talent pool available and try to synergize their business operations accordingly.

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Stars Shine Down @ MBA Career Connexions

mba career connexions 2007

Manvendra Upadhyay shares about the MBA Career Connexions, where students had the chance to explore job and internship opportunities with top companies.

The connection between two of the major events that happened last week was “Stars shine down”. First one being the departure of the author, Sidney Sheldon, who wrote the best selling title, and the second being the major networking event organized by the MBA Career Service Office of NUS Business School. The event was aptly named MBA Career Connexions, but it was nothing short of a shine-down of stars of world economy at the South-east Asia’s tallest hotel, Swissôtel The Stamford, which offers panoramic views of Singapore, Indonesia and parts of Malaysia.

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So you wanna be a consultant?

NUS Consulting Club invites guest speaker Prof. Jochen Wirtz to answer questions and share insights into the field of consulting.

Can an actuarial firm compete in the consulting space? Is it possible for a firm specializing in pension fund audits to extend its relationships with existing clients by offering consulting services?

NUS Consulting Club gathered to find answers to these questions two weeks back. The guest speaker was Associate Professor Jochen Wirtz (Academic Co-Director of UCLA-NUS Executive MBA Program).

Prof. Wirtz, in the classic case-method-teaching-style, asked us to come prepared with a case centered on ‘failed attempts of cross-selling”. The discussion began with “a-day-in-the-life-of-consultant” and then quickly moved to the case discussion in general.

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TATA Internships

When the Tata group came to NUS to recruit summer interns, they interviewed our MBAs and BBAs  and offered select students a Tata internship on the spot! — NUS MBA blogger Anupam reports.

It was 27th of October – Tata group, was here in NUS to recruit interns for its upcoming summer internships. They were certainly not the first recruiter who had expressed interest NUS Business School graduates. But unlike most of the earlier ones, they had come prepared to select and offer internships on the very same day. The very idea of being able to get internship with such a reputed company and that too without the long and tedious process of a typical internship was refreshing. And not surprisingly many of our fellow MBA and BBA students were seen outside the interview venue, dressed in impressive business suits and ties, ready to give their best shot.

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IBM Talk

The IBM Careers Talk organised by the Career Services Office took place at NUS Business School on 18 October 2006.

Think Business Consulting, Solutions, Software, IT Services, Servers, Storage, PC Products – Think IBM. At the IBM Careers Talk we had a unique opportunity to meet the representatives from the company with annual revenues of USD 91.1 billion, more than 300 000 employees, and a presence in more than 75 countries all around the globe.

The talk started off with a presentation that provided some interesting insights about the company by Mr. Colin Chong, Senior HR Manager at IBM Singapore. He took us through the history of IBM and shared with us a variety of details including the company’s focus on innovation, emphasis on diversity, and presence of opportunities to build a career. His extensive association with the company provided additional value to the information that we gained from his talk. Next to talk to us was Mr. Kris MacCabe, CFO, IBM Singapore. He has also been associated with IBM for a long time and had valuable details like the PC division sale, importance of an integrated value system and focus areas in business to share with us.

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