NUS MBA 職涯中心 – 專題研討 (Workshop)

上一篇文章介紹了NUS MBA 職涯中心(CSO)如何幫學生找到自己喜愛而適合的工作,其中包括使用研究機構Career Leader所設計的性向測驗、提供一對一諮詢、以及邀請知名市調公司主管來演講最新就業市場情況。



CSO每週舉辦非常多場workshop,光上禮拜就有3堂9小時的課程。其中有教人改履歷和cover letter、有深入介紹金融業工作、以及針對顧問業徵才的模擬面試。

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The buzz word "Networking"

NUS MBA NetworkingPart-time MBA student Kat Neo discusses the MBA networking events at NUS, and a little secret to being natural in your networking.

In the MBA school, the buzz word is “networking”. Everyone knows that networking is important and hopes to have heaps of opportunities to network. There are various avenues for networking. Social networking is what we are mostly familiar with, through platforms such as Facebook and Google+. LinkedIn is another social network platform but is more catered for business and professional networking. And obviously, most of the NUS MBA students are now connected through a common Facebook Group – NUS MBA Intake 2011 (closed group).

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NUS MBA 職涯中心 Career Service Office (CSO)

知名市調機構Michael Page日前公布最新報告,由於全球經濟復甦遲緩、許多跨國企業正進行全球裁員計畫,也為就業市場蒙上陰影。

然而調查顯示,由於亞洲經濟持續成長,這些企業反而將在該區增聘員工,其中包括高盛集團 (Goldman Sachs)、HSBC 等知名金融業者,而新加坡正是這些企業擴大投資的首選之地。

以上報告我們通常會在網路或報章雜誌上看到,但NUS MBA學生卻不同。學校不但邀請到Michael Page 新加坡部門主任前來簡報,還提供一對一諮詢、深入分析各產業最新就業情況,讓學生能在求職過程中站在更有利的位置。

NUS MBA 職涯中心 Career Services Office (CSO) 正是這場簡報的幕後推手。事實上,邀請專家簡報只是CSO服務的一環,概括而言CSO共提供學生四項服務,分別是目標設定職缺搜尋歷撰寫社交活動,這一系列的服務讓學生能以最全面的方式和潛在雇主媒合、進而獲得理想工作機會。

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Career change? Be focused

Radhika, Class of 2007, talks about her exchange stint in HEC Paris, and making a career change post-MBA.

When I decided to pursue an MBA it was primarily to enable a career change, a move from Information Technology to Consumer Marketing. This was just a gut feeling though, something based on my passion for creativity, communications and the idea of “selling-ideas”. I knew that without hands-on experience in Marketing it was impossible to make a career-change unless I was willing to start from scratch. Being realistic I obviously did not want to start at the bottom again, compromising the 4+ years of work experience I had.

And so when I made it to the MBA programme at NUS Business School, I was intent upon specialising in Marketing. Everything I did in my two years at NUS was in one way or another driven by my goal to make this shift possible.

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Srikanth from the class of 2008, talks about how his MBA helps him in his every day work as a consultant.

First up, let me welcome you all to one of the most exciting MBA programs around the world. You have indeed made a wise choice and I wish you all the very best as you begin your roller-coaster ride in this truly dynamic environment – Singapore.

To introduce myself, I hold an under-graduate degree in engineering and I used to work for Infosys before I came in for my Full-time MBA in August 2006. Subsequently, I landed an internship at IBM Singapore in Summer 2007. I converted this opportunity into a full-time offer later. Since graduating in May 2008, I have been working as a Senior Consultant in the Strategy & Change team at IBM Global Business Services.

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