Srikanth from the class of 2008, talks about how his MBA helps him in his every day work as a consultant.

First up, let me welcome you all to one of the most exciting MBA programs around the world. You have indeed made a wise choice and I wish you all the very best as you begin your roller-coaster ride in this truly dynamic environment – Singapore.

To introduce myself, I hold an under-graduate degree in engineering and I used to work for Infosys before I came in for my Full-time MBA in August 2006. Subsequently, I landed an internship at IBM Singapore in Summer 2007. I converted this opportunity into a full-time offer later. Since graduating in May 2008, I have been working as a Senior Consultant in the Strategy & Change team at IBM Global Business Services.

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So you wanna be a consultant?

NUS Consulting Club invites guest speaker Prof. Jochen Wirtz to answer questions and share insights into the field of consulting.

Can an actuarial firm compete in the consulting space? Is it possible for a firm specializing in pension fund audits to extend its relationships with existing clients by offering consulting services?

NUS Consulting Club gathered to find answers to these questions two weeks back. The guest speaker was Associate Professor Jochen Wirtz (Academic Co-Director of UCLA-NUS Executive MBA Program).

Prof. Wirtz, in the classic case-method-teaching-style, asked us to come prepared with a case centered on ‘failed attempts of cross-selling”. The discussion began with “a-day-in-the-life-of-consultant” and then quickly moved to the case discussion in general.

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