Macquarie Bank Company Talk

Date: 20 September 2006
Venue: Kent Ridge Guild House, NUS

Macquarie Bank visited NUS Business School for a company talk. The Macquarie Group is a diversified international provider of specialist investment, advisory and financial services, with over 8,400 employees in 24 countries across Europe, Asia, the Americas, Africa and Australasia. With 15 offices across Asia, their presence as a pre-eminent international provider of specialist investment and financial services continues to grow. The session was conducted by senior representatives from Investment Banking Group (IBG), Equity Markets Group (EMG), Information Services Division (ISD), Risk Management Division (RMD) and Finance Division (Accounting). The talk began with a glimpse of Macquarie Bank, its financials, business interests and other activities. They continued with details of their headcount and geographic presence.

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