IIMPact – Road to the finals

Neha Gupta talks about making it to the finals for the business plan challenge, IIMPact. 

A month later the results were announced. To our surprise, we made it – one amongst 92 teams. 3 out of 5 NUS teams had made it to the 2nd round, so our first thought was that they would have selected almost everyone. Also, we knew that competition even from within NUS was not easy. In fact, we had seen other teams having stronger foundation than us.

The chances of us winning seemed bleak. But we wanted to put our best foot forward and fulfill our duty of sending the completed business plan. We adopted a better approach this time – we made division heads – Chief Financial Officer, Chief Technology Officer, Marketing Head, and yours truly – Head of Strategy. Only 2 short and sweet meetings for the round – work was divided according to the divisions. Everyone did his/her best for the respective division. Since it was December – no one wanted to take much pains. So no one questioned each other’s work too much. Though some changes were made in the end but broadly the final deck was pretty much a compilation of everyone’s individual work.

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IIMPact – The Triumph

As champions of the business plan challenge, Neha Gupta talks about the problems her team faced along the way. 

We had two major problems-

1) The deck that we had sent in the 2nd round was not presentable for the final round. Therefore, the entire presentation needed to be reworked.

2) Initially, the work had been divided between 4 and none of us had a clue about each other’s work. Now that we were two, we had to understand and re-work the entire presentation.

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Cerebration 2008 – Clash of the Titans!

Cerebration 2008 was a case competition to be remembered — NUS MBA blogger Rohini reports.

It had all the characteristics of any big project. Late night meetings, pizzas for dinner, missing bags (which were kept at its right place), late night printing sessions, heavy banners being carried from one end of the school to another and then back to the same spot, mic tests and other logistic issues and the list goes on. But the organizing team left no stone unturned to ensure that the event be a success.

27th March, 2008 marked the culmination of 9 months of hard work, sweat, creativity and absolute dedication. The finalists had flown in from all over the world for the semi-finals and finals of Cerebration 2008, the Business Case Challenge organized by the students of NUS MBA. It’s our flagship event and we are very proud of it!

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Cerebration – World’s largest Masters level Business Challenge

Hi Everyone,

Here’s an invitation from NUS Business School, Singapore to CEREBRATION 2008, our Masters Level Business Plan Competition. Cerebration 2007 saw entries from over 200 business schools from 4 continents.

The competition gives participants the opportunity to work on live cases based on 3 Asian companies (the Case Sponsors) that are seeking ideas for overseas expansion.

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8th Start-up @ Singapore – Finals!

start-up@singapore 07

Team TMN Bio-fuels from NUS Business School won 2nd runner up position in Start-up@Singapore 07, the 8th edition of the nationwide business competition.

Start-up @ Singapore is Singapore’s national business competition and is organized by the NUS Entrepreneurship Society. The 8th Start-up @ Singapore has received entries from 234 teams across the world and the age of the participants ranged from 14 to 56 years.

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