NUS MBA Students Fly the School’s Flag High

We wrote earlier on this blog about four NUS MBA Social Impact Club students recently embaring on a mission to raise funds for solar water pumps for Tolosa, one of the worst-affected regions in hurricane typhoon Haiyan in the Phillippines.

Here’s a fantastic update on this project: Their social mission recently got recognised with a grant of EUR5000(about SG $7257) from Total, world’s fourth-largest oil and gas company!  With an interesting project and innovative solutions for the local community, the team – comprising first year MBA students Adrian Albano, Ashima Wadhawan, Julian Ragragio and Marco Ordonez – won maximum number of votes in the Total Grant Sky Competition and impressed the judges as well. 

Team Tolosa hard at work (L-R): Adrian Albano; Ashima Wadhawan; Julian Ragragio; Marco Ordonez.

Team Tolosa hard at work (L-R): Adrian Albano; Ashima Wadhawan; Julian Ragragio; Marco Ordonez.

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Success @ ISB: NUS wins VCIC


nus vcic isb 2010

The team (From left): Alexander Freberg, Shashwat Dhakal, Jayson Huang, Arthur Leung and Yeung Chia Li

Shashwat Dhakal shares his experience of the VCIC tournament, and the joy of victory.

It was sometime in late November, when we all were very busy with many things (an MBA norm), that the MBA office sent out the invitation from ISB to participate in the inaugural Asia VCIC competition. First of all, a quick google on VCIC competition told me that this is not the usual business case competition. Secondly, I started thinking about how to go about building a winning team. While I was thinking about the competition and the probable team, I got a mail from Chia Li offering me a place in a team that he had already made. I looked at the members in the team and I thought to myself, now this looks like a winning team! I immediately signed up and hence the journey started.

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Thammasat Global Social Venture Competition

From Left: Megha Mittal- NUS MBA; Kishore Moorjaani-Managing Partner, Credit Asia Capital; Yash Chandra-NUS MBA

Megha Mittal and Yash Chandra participated in  the South East regional round of the Global Social Venture Competition, emerging among the 12 finalist teams.

Whenever society is stuck or has an opportunity to seize a new opportunity, it needs an entrepreneur to see the opportunity and then to turn that vision into a realistic idea and then a reality and then, indeed, the new pattern all across society.” – Bill Drayton

This was the focal point of Thammasat-hosted Global Social Venture Competition, the Global round being hosted by UC Berkley, Haas School of Business. We participated in the South East regional round. Our team was amongst the 12 finalist teams, all with different ideas dealing with the Social ventures. Our team was the first one to make it to the finalists from NUS Business School.

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The Leaders – Next in Line: UCLA Global Business Leadership Case Competition

From left: Megha Mittal, Karla Hotchkiss, Richard Rubnan, Saurabh Kaushik & Apurbakanti Mukherjee

The NUS MBA Team won runners-up position at the UCLA Global Business Leadership Case Competition 2009. They share their experience here.

We kept looking at our watches, waiting for 4:15 pm, but it seemed like time had come to a standstill. We were in sunny Los Angeles representing NUS Business School at the UCLA Global Business Leadership Case Competition. The results for the preliminary stage were to be announced at 4:15pm and four out of the twelve teams from top MBA schools worldwide would make it to the next round.

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Cerebration 2009 – The Grand Champions

cerebration 2009

Duke BD Ventures, the winning team from Duke University’s Fuqua School of Business about their experience at Cerebration 2009 – a case competition to be remembered.

Team: Duke BD Ventures

Team Members: Anupam Bhandari, Bobby Brenman, Kyle Gardner, Vishal Patel

Institute: The Fuqua School of Business, Duke University

It was an honor to represent Duke University and The Fuqua School of Business at Cerebration 2009. The competition was a fantastic experience, a capstone event in our MBA education. Throughout the competition rounds we learned a great deal about the online travel industry and the Asia Pacific market as we evaluated the strategy, marketing, financials, operations and technology of The whole process was thoroughly engaging and rewarding, especially as we were able to provide a growing firm with a set of actionable recommendations. Cerebration provided a wonderful opportunity for us to come together as a team and apply our classroom knowledge to a real-life setting.

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