Talk by Ms. Olivia Lum of Hyflux

Olivia lum talk nus 2008

Student blogger Srikanth reports on a talk by Olivia Lum of Hyflux on 30th January 2008.

Over the past two years, we have had opportunities to interact with a range of eminent personalities including industry experts, politicians, Nobel laureates and academicians. However, there is a different kind of excitement in the air when it comes to meeting up with and hearing from entrepreneurs. It is even more so, when the entrepreneur happens to be an alumnus of your school. Mr. Ivan Lee and Mr. Adam Khoo were two energetic entrepreneurs who fell in this bracket and are indeed very famous around. But when I heard about this talk by Ms. Olivia Lum, I wasn’t quite sure what we were in for. As you can guess, NUS happens to be her alma mater as well. Other than that, I ran a Google search to find out more information on her. And I did find loads of it in there that laid a good platform for the talk. Ms Lum had received numerous awards such as Nikkei Asia Prize Award 2006, Asiamoney’s Best Corporate Executive of the Year in 2005, Businessman of the Year 2004. My expectations were growing and I began looking forward to the talk.

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No Reservations!

nus mba movie night 2007

A NUS MBA Movie Night was sponsored by alumni during the 2007 semester break.

After a week-long break from academics, I finally got to see my course mates again! It was really thoughtful of the MBA Alumni to sponsor the movie’ No Reservations’ during the semester break. Throngs of students, accompanied by their other halves, some with their families, relatives, friends etc… flocked the theater. I recalled seeing my best pal, bringing her ‘village’ along; which consists of, her sister, brother-in-law, landlady, and even landlady’s son!

Although there was a long line to get the ticket, the catch ups that we have to do between our course mates masked out the long waiting time. All of us were eager to share with each other how we spent our week long holiday.

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Launch of the MBA Alumni Mentorship program – a fresh initiative

Launched on September 7, 2007, the NUS MBA Alumni Mentorship programme aims to connect alumni and current students.

“Every Institution is but the lengthened shadow of an individual” – Ralph Waldo Emerson

The NUS Business School is the lengthened shadow of two sets of individuals – Students and Alumni. The evening of September 7, 2007 saw the launch of a fresh initiative to connect and streamline these two sets of individuals. Officially termed the “MBA Alumni Mentorship program”, the initiative connects two students to one alumnus. The students (called ‘mentees’) interact with their corresponding alumnus (called ‘mentors’) to obtain a better perspective on their areas of interest. More than being an effort to find a job, the objective of this initiative is to define careers for the mentees. The mentees have been assigned to mentors such that the job interests of both stakeholders match. Through a series of interactions, the mentees obtain a bird’s eye perspective on their areas of interest.

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Alumni Reunion @ Bellini

The MBA Alumni Reunion 2007 was a great opportunity for current students to get to know their seniors and alumni amidst a light dinner at Bellini.

The much awaited event of them all, the MBA Alumni Reunion was finally here!! The first networking session of 2007 was held at one of the most happening places in Singapore — St. James Power Station! It was a great opportunity for current students to get to know their seniors and Alumni amidst a light dinner at Bellini. Some came with current colleagues, others contacted friends ahead of time and still others were pleasantly surprised to find old friends there. Everyone made new contacts as they exchanged stories about their current jobs and interests. To a certain extent, the alumni also got a chance to relive good old times, those college days, for one evening!

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