Life after NUS – Three Golden Lessons

Suraj is currently working with Vestas in their Global Graduate Program. It’s a 2 yr program comprising 3 rotations of 8 months each across 3 countries. He started in Barcelona with a training camp for 2 weeks. Currently, he is working in Chennai in Business process Improvement within the Technology R&D Business Unit.

How did this MBA change his professional life? Suraj reflects…

When I was in school, I always wondered how life would be in a company after my MBA. How would all the lessons I learnt during MBA (and the ones I didn’t learn) impact my work-life?? It has now been 4 months since I started working in Vestas**. My questions have been answered in the form of 3 golden lessons. These are the lessons I would like to leave you with.

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ART Mentorship Program 2008-2009

“A mentor is someone whose hindsight can become your foresight”: The Alumni Relations Team introduces the Mentorship Programme for NUS MBA students.

And it was with this intent that the Alumni Relations Team envisioned the Mentorship Program for the batch of 2008-2009. The program was first discussed in September 2008. Soon after the new ART was formed and work began almost immediately. While the program had been in existence earlier, it was perceived critical to the overall MBA program and seen as having huge potential. And hence, what followed were months of painstaking effort involving getting as many alumni on board as possible; matching the profiles, professional backgrounds and hobbies of the alumni with the current batch students and coordinating countless conflicting schedules.

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The Leaders – Next in Line: UCLA Global Business Leadership Case Competition

From left: Megha Mittal, Karla Hotchkiss, Richard Rubnan, Saurabh Kaushik & Apurbakanti Mukherjee

The NUS MBA Team won runners-up position at the UCLA Global Business Leadership Case Competition 2009. They share their experience here.

We kept looking at our watches, waiting for 4:15 pm, but it seemed like time had come to a standstill. We were in sunny Los Angeles representing NUS Business School at the UCLA Global Business Leadership Case Competition. The results for the preliminary stage were to be announced at 4:15pm and four out of the twelve teams from top MBA schools worldwide would make it to the next round.

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NUS MBA Alumni Dinner


Hnin Phyu Phyu Aung blogs about the NUS MBA Alumni Dinner 2009.

“Submitted, just in time!” informing Winson and Jin Wei about the report, I rushed for the annual NUS MBA Alumni Dinner. Even though it was Sunday, there were a number of students on campus engaging in different activities. By the time I arrived at the University Hall, it was five minutes past two. It was such a relief that Claire and Nan had told Florence about the report that was due for my business plan that day. In no time, I was informed that I had to do registration for seminar 3, “Regulatory Responses to the Credit Crisis” . Shipra arrived soon after with a smile, mentioning that she was caught in the rain. She was assigned for “Personal Effectiveness: The Human Factor in Management”, with the highest number of registrants. We all gave her a warm smile to encourage her. Outside, it was no longer raining, but was just good enough for people to commute.

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Oktoberfest – NUS MBA style!!!

nus mba

Current and graduating batches of NUS MBA students joined the alumni for a fun-filled Oktoberfest celebration 2008.

I just realised that our blog hasnt been updated since the I-Day 20-sept, which, in MBA years translates to approximately 3.78314 light years.

So I was just wondering why no one has yet written anything on one of the most fun event of the year… the Oktoberfest. For the less enlightened ones [now that I know, I am entitled to condescend 😉 ] …. Oktoberfest is a German annual festival held in the late-September — early-October period. Traditionally this is a 16-day festival, but of course in MBA, one evening is all we can ever afford to plan a party for. So a couple of weeks before, we started planning the event. Sparing the readers all the pain staking details, the event was finally arranged for the evening of Sept 16 in Vivocity. Primarily organized by the NUS MBA Alumni Relations Team, the invitees were the current batch, the graduating batch and of course, the alumni.

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