NUS MBA Alumnus Shankar Meembat recalls his MBA journey in conversation with Anuprita Bhomick

I had the pleasure of serving on the Alumni board with fellow NUS MBA alumnus Shankar Meembat (SM), the year that he was elected President of the NUS MBA Alumni executive committee. Shankar has now been with Nokia for close to 15 years and moved back to Finland. I am very grateful to him for taking some time out of his busy schedule for an interview.– Anuprita Bhomick (AB)

Here goes:

AB: Why did you decide to do an MBA? What factors made you choose NUS in 1993?
SM: I started my career in R&D. When I was heading a product development team, I found that there was a discrepancy between what we were developing and what the sales team was selling. They would come back with orders for systems that simply did not match what we were working on. I needed to find out why it was so difficult to sell/market a product, and so I decided to “cross over to the other side”. As I made my career change, I want to have that change supported with suitable qualifications and an MBA became the natural choice.

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Part-Time MBA Alumnus Celena Yew shares her student experience with Anuprita Bhomick

Alumnus Celena Yew talks about juggling work and studies for a part-time MBA, skill-sets she honed in the programme, and her Singapore experience.

“If I ever started my own company, Celena Yew is someone I would hire in a heartbeat. Incredible work ethics, single-minded focus and a very sharp, analytical mind combined with a humility that is so hard to see in today’s world. She is one of the best gifts that the NUS MBA experience has given me. I have been lucky to have Celena as a group member in almost every one of the classes we took together during our MBA and we’ve cemented a friendship that comes along once in a lifetime. During her recent visit to Singapore, I spent some time talking to her about her MBA experience and her life beyond the classroom. Celena now lives near Los Angeles, with her husband Henry (who she met at the NUS MBA) and their lovely daughter, Erika” – Anuprita Bhomick

AB: What made you pick NUS MBA?
CY: Reputation of the school, location (in Asia), reasonable tuition fees and availability of a part-time program that enabled me to work and study at the same time.

AB: Reflections on who you were prior to MBA?

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The John Molson MBA International Case Competition

John Molson MBA International Case Competition 2010

Gaurav reports on the NUS MBA Team’s insights from participating in the John Molson Business Case Competition 2010 in Canada.

It all started with an email from the MBA Office inviting people to participate in the John Molson Business Case Competition. The students needed to submit an essay, their resumes and also solve a case which was judged by our distinguished professors.

About a month after the whole process started, the team was announced; Jaimin Shah, Hugo Rufino, Suveer Rajpal and of course, me. Then started the rush for flight tickets, visas etc. Hugo was chosen our team leader and he did a good job ensuring everything went well.

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Learning & Fun

NUS MBA student talks about the NUS MBA Alumni Conference 2009, which provided insights about the prospects for the global economy in 2010.

As one of the first few to arrive at the Shaw Alumni House Auditorium for the 2009 Alumni conference, I signed up with the front desk personnel and got my registration confirmed. It was very obvious from the start that a lot of detailed planning and coordination had been employed to organize this conference. I saw some of my fellow MBA course mates from the organising committee ushering in the guests and ensuring that guests were registered promptly upon arrival. The Global Alumni Network Office (GANO) had indeed performed a top notch job in putting together this conference.

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The NUS MBA in 3 Words

Anshuman is an NUS MBA Alumnus from the Class of 2008. In this write-up, he shares with us his primary learnings from this MBA program.

About Me: I am currently a Marketing Manager at Emerson Process Management. I started here in Jan 2008 as Sales & Operations Planning Manager for Asia Pacific. In Jan this year, I moved to my current role.

I often wonder if an MBA is required? What value does an MBA bring to you? I have been pondering over this question since 2005 when I was toying with the idea of writing GMAT. Then TOEFL happened to me! One by one, many things happened and before I could realize, I was out of NUS Business School with an MBA and all set to start the second innings of my professional career. Let’s see if the marginal benefit of having an MBA is worth the time, effort, money and lost opportunity of staying out of workforce for 2 years! My lessons from NUS MBA can be summarized in 3 simple words: Preparation, Decision and Communication.

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