ART Mentorship Program 2008-2009

“A mentor is someone whose hindsight can become your foresight”: The Alumni Relations Team introduces the Mentorship Programme for NUS MBA students.

And it was with this intent that the Alumni Relations Team envisioned the Mentorship Program for the batch of 2008-2009. The program was first discussed in September 2008. Soon after the new ART was formed and work began almost immediately. While the program had been in existence earlier, it was perceived critical to the overall MBA program and seen as having huge potential. And hence, what followed were months of painstaking effort involving getting as many alumni on board as possible; matching the profiles, professional backgrounds and hobbies of the alumni with the current batch students and coordinating countless conflicting schedules.

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Launch of the MBA Alumni Mentorship program – a fresh initiative

Launched on September 7, 2007, the NUS MBA Alumni Mentorship programme aims to connect alumni and current students.

“Every Institution is but the lengthened shadow of an individual” – Ralph Waldo Emerson

The NUS Business School is the lengthened shadow of two sets of individuals – Students and Alumni. The evening of September 7, 2007 saw the launch of a fresh initiative to connect and streamline these two sets of individuals. Officially termed the “MBA Alumni Mentorship program”, the initiative connects two students to one alumnus. The students (called ‘mentees’) interact with their corresponding alumnus (called ‘mentors’) to obtain a better perspective on their areas of interest. More than being an effort to find a job, the objective of this initiative is to define careers for the mentees. The mentees have been assigned to mentors such that the job interests of both stakeholders match. Through a series of interactions, the mentees obtain a bird’s eye perspective on their areas of interest.

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