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MBA is not only about making it big in the business world, but it is also about making a big social impact, according the mission of our NUS MBA Social Impact Club.

Rooted in its core values of awareness, sustainability, education and empowerment, the club strives to create events and initiatives that advocate these ideals to benefit the society. It serves as primary channel for our MBA students to make a difference through volunteer programmes and community activities. More importantly, it goes beyond giving back – it encourages MBAs to practice their business skills and interests in a way that ignites positive change by developing projects and activities that promote the link between business and social development.

One of its current projects is to raise funds for solar water pumps for Tolosa, one of the worst-affected regions in hurricane typhoon Haiyan in the Philippines. Four NUS MBA students – Marco Ordonez, Ashima Wadhawan, Adrian Albano and Julian Ragragio – came together to support the residents of Tolosa community, who have no access to clean water and the solar powered pumps will give them a sustainable source of clean water from just one reliable resource: Sunlight. Continue reading

Top 5 Reasons you should get an NUS MBA

The following are reflections by Maria Patricia Villar, an expected graduate of NUS MBA.

Finals are over. From here on, I may no longer see the face of graded homework and group projects. There may be less of the formal networking events to prepare small talk topics for. GPA will no longer dictate my “future”, and the sting from the mistakes I made in the Accounting mid-terms will feel less painful.  Hooray for that! …Or maybe not. Because instead of these, what I must now face is the more cruel reality of work and projects on which my family’s living will be based upon, more crucial conversations on which depend millions of dollars in sales or losses, and mistakes that may lead to getting fired. Clearly, MBA is merely a means to an end. Looking back with fresh eyes, let me share some reflections on the benefits I gained from taking my MBA in NUS, and hence the reasons why one should consider taking it as well:

NUS MBA Orientation

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So you want to be an entrepreneur… ?

Did you know that innovation is a strong feature of our community and a core value of our school? Following are some excerpts from a blog post by Christian Halberg, an NUS MBA student who perfectly embodies the school’s entrepreneurial spirit.

Collaborative Environment

One of the big perks of being in NUS Business School is the thriving community of smart, intellectual peers who sometimes share the same passion. I found these peers – our team, comprising of me (from NUS Business School), and three fellow engineers (from NUS Faculty of Engineering), got together at Lean LaunchPad (LLP), a new initiative by NUS Entrepreneurship Centre.

“Flipped classroom” Approach

National University of Singapore is the first university in Asia to have adopted this experiential ‘flipped-classroom’ teaching methodology, as a way to match-make teams of engineers and business people. Continue reading

Guest Blog featuring Prof Quek Ser Aik

Professor Quek blogs on why he believes that the world needs NUS MBA students the perspective and expertise to take leadership responsibly.

Professor Quek Ser Aik
PhD, University of California, Berkeley

Some say the military academies and armed forces colleges offer the best leadership training. But surely MBA programs rank highly in that respect too.

In the NUS MBA, for instance, you join with the understanding that leadership is about reading people (so as to better inspire them), allocating money (to invest in strategic areas), and streamlining processes (so that they integrate, rather than optimize in silos). Thus, leaders at all levels inspire, invest and integrate.

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The John Molson MBA International Case Competition

John Molson MBA International Case Competition 2010

Gaurav reports on the NUS MBA Team’s insights from participating in the John Molson Business Case Competition 2010 in Canada.

It all started with an email from the MBA Office inviting people to participate in the John Molson Business Case Competition. The students needed to submit an essay, their resumes and also solve a case which was judged by our distinguished professors.

About a month after the whole process started, the team was announced; Jaimin Shah, Hugo Rufino, Suveer Rajpal and of course, me. Then started the rush for flight tickets, visas etc. Hugo was chosen our team leader and he did a good job ensuring everything went well.

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